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The Death of Balder

No description

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The Death of Balder

The Death of Balder
Ehmudh Firdausi and Philip Austin

Closely related to the Norse creation Myth
More recent Myth, 15th century.
Icelandic myth

Balder is a fertility god; dies, goes to Nifelheim(Norse Hell), and back.
Balder's death initiated the worlds destruction.
Only Norse God to die and come back to live in the New Age.
Reflects two universal desires: to be immortal and to bring back loved one from the dead
Shows parents love for their child and the anguish they fell the child's death.
Appeal and Value
Hermond's Ride to Hel
Hermond is given Odin's horse to ride to Hel's kingdom
Hermond rides for 9 days and night to find Balder in Hel's kingdom
Balder will get back his life if everything in the world will cry
The gods get everything to cry except a frost giant that is Loki in disguise again
The Hunt for Loki
Loki hides in a hut with doors in all 4 directions
Turns into a salmon to catch smaller fish for dinner
Gods find him, Loki turns to a salmon to hide
Gods trick him with a net and when Loki jumps over the net Thor catches him.
Balder is the sun of Odin and Frigg
Frigg makes everything but the Mistletoe promise not to hurt Balder
Loki finds out about the mistletoe and sharpens it's twig to a point
Hoder the blind is tricked into killing Balder
The gods are throwing objects at Balder to pass
the time
Loki's Fate and Ragnarok
Loki is brought to a cave with his 2 sons
Fenrir is turned to a wolf and eats the other brother
Son's intestines are used to bind Loki to a cave with a snake hung above his head
Venom drips on his face until the end of time
The Myth
The Death
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