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The website of my company for my professional selling company for my role-play sell.

Matthew Graves

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of FieldTurf

FieldTurf What is Field Turf
FieldTurf was developed and engineered for athletes, by athletes. Before we came along, artificial turf was something to be avoided.In seeking the answer to this question, we worked closely with athletes, former players, coaches, trainers, and doctors. Development included years of trials, tests, samples, equipment innovations and advanced formulas all with the goal of developing an artificial turf system that combined the performance properties of natural grass with the benefits of a synthetic solution. Goals of Fieldturf
1. A artificial surface that imitates natuaral grass but is not affected by the waeather allowing for more events 2.A surface that reduces the risk of serious injury
3.A surface that
is GREEN 4. A surface that is an asset to the owner
Accomplisments of Fieldturf 1. Featured on 22 of 32 NFL stadiums
2. Featured on 2 MLD stadiums
3. On over 3000 athletic fields nation wide
4. Most fields used worldwide for athletic turf
Fieldturf Website Our website offers...
Information about our product
Testimonials of customers
Contact information for sales
Price and safety studies

Our Site URL: http://www.fieldturf.com/
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