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Classification of Matter

notes for understanding how we organize matter

Toby Spaulding

on 5 October 2010

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Transcript of Classification of Matter

Classification of Matter
By Toby Spaulding and Joy Hurst September 2010
Anything that has mass
Anything that takes up space
Substance: Matter that is either an element or a compound.
Substances have a specific, special, way of being put together with atoms or molecules.
Substances: Definite Composition
Elements: Substances in which all the atoms in a sample are all alike.
Atoms make up elements and are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons.
Element- Gold
Element- Sulfur
Element- Copper
Element- Carbon
Element-Substance in which all the atoms are exactly the same.
Substances: Definite Composition
Compounds: Substances made of molecules
Compounds: Substances made of two or more elements chemically bonded together.
Molecules make up compounds and are made of specific atoms
Compound-Salt, NaCl
Compound-Aspirin, C9H8O4
Compound-Carbon Dioxide, CO2
Compounds-made of atoms of two or more elements.
Mixture: A material made of elements or compounds stirred together, but not chemically combined or bonded.
Mixtures can be made by mixing lots of different items in any amount.
A mixtures can be separated into its parts.
Heterogeneous Mixtures
Heterogeneous Mixtures: A mixture in which different parts can be easily distinguished.
Heterogeneous Mixture-Tossed Salad
Heterogeneous Mixture-
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Heterogeneous Mixture-
Fruit Salad
Heterogeneous Mixture-
Concrete Gravel Pavers
Heterogeneous Mixture-Mud
Heterogeneous Mixture-
Salad Dressing
Heterogeneous Mixtures
Homogeneous Mixtures
Mixtures in which different materials are blended evenly so that the mixture is the same throughout; also called a solution.
Homogeneous Mixture-Milk
Homogeneous Mixture-Jello
Homogeneous Mixture-Kool-aid
Homogeneous Mixture-Paint
Homogeneous Mixtures-
Whipped Cream
Homogeneous Mixtures-Air
Homogeneous Mixtures
Classification of Matter
Any Questions?
Any Questions?
Any Questions?
Any Questoins?
Any question?
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for fun...
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