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Microsoft Publisher

No description

Amy Jerina

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Microsoft Publisher

Ribbons FYI 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Intro Video Master Page This is a feature to save you time if you have
a multi-page publication. From a logo to page numbers, anything reoccurring can be programed to duplicate automatically instead of inserting the same information over and over. Microsoft Publisher 2010 EGGZAMPLE each layer is separate; moved backward or forward Changing picture color Click on the pic to
get the picture tools format tab Blank Publications Popular Templates Other
Templates add a background color If you want: Lmm's has 2 primary colors and 3 secondary colors they use in their publications. Use them by clicking on base color, more colors and then the PANTONE tab. Under look up PANTONE color
insert one of LMM's colors:
PMS 468 etc. Layering: bring forward bring backward add a background Eggstravaganza flyer: Start out with a blank publication change the color with the
recolor icon
and insert desired LMM color or other.
Changing the contrast or brightness is
sometimes necessary if the
color is too bold Backstage Manage your files and data about them; plus open, save and print commands Grouping You can group objects together
so they act as one object. select two or more objects:
click the first object, hold the Ctrl key down while clicking the other objects
The grouping tool will appear
Click the grouping button Choose a Publication Type Home Tab From the home tab or the insert tab; insert a table by clicking the Table button Merging cells:
select the tabs you want to merge

Select the Layout tab:
in the Merge Group,
click the merge cells button. Choose a publication Design or customize your own Insert Tab Page Design Tab change the template, fonts, background and schemes Insert header/footer, pictures, clip art, shapes, calanders, borders, advertisements, draw boxes, wordart, business information etc.. YouTube Master Page Tutorial Note: publications printed on LMM printers will always have a white border. Anytime you print material with a background leave a "bleed" so when sent to printers it covers the whole page. spacing between letters gives another version of fonts: found in the font section of the home tab
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