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The true confessions of charlotte

No description

Robert Gloeckner

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The true confessions of charlotte

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Book By: AVI
Presentation By: Cheyenne and Robert Gloeckner Setting: The setting of the story "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" is On the Seahawk in the Atlantic Ocean. Plot Charlotte meets Mr. Grummage and he caries her bags to the Seahawk.
Charlotte meets Zachariah and they become "friends."
Charlotte gets taken to her room and becomes sea sick.
Charlotte gets to met the rest of the crew, including Captain Jaggery.
Charlotte helps Mr. Ewing by getting him a needle out of his cabin, she then ends up fiding a round robin and a pistol.
Charlotte tells Captain Jaggery about the round robin and pistol and from there everything goes down hill.
When Captain Jaggery finds out he starts hitting Zachiraih with his whip, Charlotte takes the whip from Captain Jaggery and strikes him in the face with it. This making Captain Jaggery even more angry than what he was.
Charlotte then become Mr. Doyle, she refuses to change into her normal clothes that she came to the Seahawk in. Captain Jaggery keeps the name Charlotte in the log book but continues to call her Mr. Doyle, Charlotte then has to do task like the other crew members such as cutting the ropes, climbing the spars,and help with the ratlines. Just when Charlotte begins to think she has friends Captain Jaggery turns them all against her. Charlotte gets accused of killing Mr. Hollybrass, Mr. Jaggery's 1st mate. She then gets locked up in the brig with no light, creeky walls, and a leaky ceiling. This begins to frighten Charlotte because she has no one to help her. Just when she is about to give up she sees Zachariah. He lets her out of the cell and gives her food and water. Charlotte and Zachariah come up with a plan to get the crew back on her side and help her get the key from Captain Jaggery's office. Mr. Keetch decides to help with the plan. "Friends" The Plan Zachariah helps Charlotte out of the brig so he can distract Captain Jaggery. As Charlotte gets out of the brig and up to the deck she looks at her old room. After she looks at her old room she goes to retrieve the key out of Jaggery's office. As she opens the door she sees Captain Jaggery sitting there. He tells her that Mr. Keetch was spying and told him everything.
C aptain Jaggery gives her 2 choices she can either put her nice clothes back on and go back to being a proper yound lady or continue working as a crew member and being accused of murder. The Hurricane During charlotte's trial there is a hurricane that they get caught in. Charlotte gets tossed around in the hurrican just like the rest of the crew. The Captain hanging on to the side of the ships gets thrown of into the hurricane and dies. Crowned After the Captain gets thrown over, the crew members including Zachariah vote on who the new captain should be. They all vote that Charlotte should be the new captain on the Seahawk. As Chorlotte gets ready to get off the ship and return to her family she writes nice things about Captain Jaggery because its her fathers company boat and she doesnt want to get her father in trouble. They arrive to their destination and Charlotte gets off the ship to her family greeting her. They ride in a carrige back home. When Charlotte gets home she has a maid that she does'nt want working for her. Her dad asks for her journal so he can check her spelling and grammer.When Charlotte gets to her room she offers jewelry to the maids to get them to stop working for her. They decline because they dont think its safe. During the night time when everyone's sleeping Charlotte sneaks out the window and returns to the Seahawk. Charlotte Doyle Charlotte Doyle is a 13 year-old girl that boards a ship named the Seahawk. She belongs to 2 very wealthy parents. She has brothers and sisters and her father works for a very expensive company. In this book Charlotte goes through many difficulties and struggles but still manages to make it. Charlotte has character traits such as sweet and snobby because she doesnt like people telling her what to do,she tries to do it on her own. she is sweet because if you dont mess with her she is fine, she dresses well, and usually always looks like a proper young lady. Captain Jaggery Captain Jaggery is the Captain on the Seahawk. He takes care of all of his members and only tries to discipline when nessesary. He has many character traits to him such as mean because he is kind of rude to his members and he gets bossy. Zachariah Zachariah is the ships cook and helper. He is an old African American man that has been aboard a ship pretty much his whole life. Zachariah helps Charlotte with many things throught the story such as carying her stuff and showing her around the ship, He shows her the crew members and teaches her many things. He also helps her with many of the struggles that she faces on the Seahawk. Mr. Hollybrass Mr. Hollybrass is one of the crew members on the ship, not only is he a crew member but he is Captain Jaggery's first mate. Mr. Hollybrass ends up dieng toward the end of the story by being stabbed with a dirk. by someone close to him. The Seahawk The Seahawk is a ship built in the 1700's. Charlotte ends up taking this ship on her voyage throught the story. The Seahawk is one of Charlottes dads company boats. Many events take place from good to bad. The Seahawk has a brig. bowspirit, fore-mast, royal yard, topgallant sail, ratlines, and a stern. Brig- 1.
Nautical .
a two-masted vessel square-rigged on both masts.

(formerly, in the U.S. Navy) an armed brig-rigged or brigantine-rigged vessel.

the compartment of a ship where prisoners are confined.

a place of confinement or detention, especially in the U.S. Navy or Marines; guardhouse. Transpire to occur; happen; take place. 6th hour to emit or give off waste matter, watery vapor, etc., through the surface, as of the body or of leaves. to escape, as moisture or odor, through or as if through pores. to be revealed or become known. Idle 1.
not working or active; unemployed; doing nothing: idle workers.

not spent or filled with activity: idle hours.

not in use or operation; not kept busy: idle machinery.

habitually doing nothing or avoiding work; lazy.

of no real worth, importance, or significance: idle talk Words That Bothered Charlotte And Why The words that bothered Charlotte were unusally and unnatural. The reason these words bothered charlotte was because during her trail captaion Jaggery used these to try to convice the crew she was the murder. The End
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