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My Resume as a Timeline

A timeline reporting my academic life, publications and fields of interest

Andrea Mangiatordi

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of My Resume as a Timeline

a group of volounteers
creating software for school use
Andrea Mangiatordi
My Research in a Timeline
Job: web designer and IT consultant @ vocational and career guidance office, unibg
Bachelor of Science
in Communication,
University of Bergamo
November 2004
January 2005
Started a Master's Degree in Communication and Multimedia Publishing
University of Bergamo
Master's Degree in Communication and Multimedia Publishing
University of Bergamo
March 2007
Started a thesis project on Assistive Technology, creating the first concept of the Farfalla project
October 2006
Entered the

PhD program
@ University of
Milano Bicocca
October 2007
Last update: October 2013
Quality of Life in the
Information Society
March 2008
Professor Paolo Ferri
is assigned as a
PhD supervisor,
it is the beginning of a collaboration with
the Departement of
Human Sciences for Education
April 2008
Joined the
First report of Snack Culture,
a continuing research on the Digital Media Diet
November 2008
Met Antonio Battro
of OLPC, received an
XO laptop
Off to Uruguay for field research in the CEIBAL Plan (local OLPC deployment)
Idea: study the impact of 1 to 1 computing on the inclusion of mobility impaired children at school
June 2009
February-July 2009
July 2009
Back at home!
Took part in the foundation of
Farfalla project takes an important shift, adopting the idea of Inclusive Web
(this also meant a complete
redesign of its architecture)
In Uruguay again: one month to track the progress of three case study children
May 2010
Inclusive Web
Technology is having an interesting
impact on the social life of the case study children
...and the Educational side
Special Schools
The Technical side...
Sustainable Assistive Technology
Again among the tech experts
Back to the special schools
...and to measure social interaction
To assess the 'functioning' level
January 2011
PhD in the
Quality of Life in the Information Society program
Second report of
"Snack Culture" by
May 2011
work presented at
Media in Transition 7
Quality of Life in the Information Society
March 2011

Judges Award @
Microsoft Accessibility
Challenge 2011
during W4A Conference
in Hyderabad, India
Participated in the 5th School of
Mind, Brain and Education
@ Ettore Majorana Foundation,
Erice, Sicily
August 2011
October 2011
Winner of the Lifted by the Cloud: Visions of Cloud-Enhanced Accessibility contest
March-May 2012
Started teaching a lab on
Educational Research
research interests
accessibility and assistive technology
new media
October 2008
Started teaching
Basic Computer Science
@ University of Bergamo
Farfalla project
Spring 2010
March 2009
Started a tutorship in the
Educational Technologies course
@ University of Milano Bicocca
Research Fellow
@ Education Department
let's start from a short bio...
A multidisciplinary group, devoted to
research on new media in education and open to
collaboration with non-academic organizations.
E.g., we partnered with
in a study on online reputation,
and with
in a research about videogames.
quantitative data shows high internet usage
very few social media platforms are known
even fewer are actually and actively used
on Facebook, trivial communication seems the norm
Educational Technologies
Basic Computer Science
Communication and
Multimedia Publishing
Communication and Multimedia Publishing
web designer
IT consultant
case study
Snack Culture
Teachers and parents expected improvements in the functioning
But I observed that...
children were exploiting new channels for social interaction
Mind, Brain and Education
Lifted by the Cloud
Judges Award
Spring 2011
a research initiative aiming at
the creation of inclusive tools
to support Learning Disabilities
Entered the team of
Spring 2011
Farfalla features 5 different
profiles, addressing some needs
of mobility impaired, dyslectic and visually impaired people
preparing for a large scale deploy
large scale
November 2011
Co-author of the best PhD paper
Applying Multimedia Learning Theory in Primary School - An Experimental Study about learning Settings using Digital Science Contents.
@ European Conference on E-Learning
(ECEL 2011)
best PhD paper
Currently working on
the topic of ebooks,
studying the use of ereaders and the opinion of users about pricing
towards the third edition of
Snack Culture, with a larger sample
and a focus on mobile technologies
Snack Culture
social interaction
That's it.
Thanks for your attention.
research on new media in education
Transition from a personal solution
(i.e., a tool to allow a person with a specific problem to access the web)
personal solution
to a personalisable environment,
offering various solutions and allowing to combine them
personalisable environment
Educational Research
Since 2011
Coaching two primary school classes involved in the
Cl@ssi 2.0 initiative
Cl@ssi 2.0
'Old' media VS 'New' media
Classification of users
description needed
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