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My Librarian Journey

Presentation for year 10 students at St Rita's College, Brisbane.

Naomi Doessel

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of My Librarian Journey

My Librarian Journey (I liked the idea of talking to people and helping them) I really like reading and teaching I graduated from UQ with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and English What next? Jobs:
teaching music
hospitality so I looked on my computer And found a Library course at QUT I talked to the convenor and the only librarian I knew "Can I work overseas?" "Do you like your job?" (can I be a professional reader?) and I still like talking to people... I started the course in 2004 I made friends I learned how to write:
journal articles
literature reviews
class material I learned how to present:
in front of a small group
in front of a big group
with visual aids (posters) I got experience in a real-life library I learned that being a librarian is about lots more than just books (and you're not allowed to read on the job!) WE DO LOTS:
Mangement (of information and also people)
Information Technology
Data retrieval
Organisation and classification
Become expert in searching (not just Google!)
Creating innovative programs in communities
and so much more... I worked in a law firm in the Information Centre. And at a public library And then in a bank as a "Business Researcher" (We weren't called librarians but that was the kind of work we did - finding stuff for people) Basically, We find stuff! (one of my jobs was to make sure the newspapers weren't saying naughty things about him!) They represented Tom Cruise in a posh part of London When I was at school I wanted to be a psychologist But it wasn't like what I thought it would be :( So I studied what I liked :) Yes I could, and yes she did ;) After I graduated I travelled overseas Los Angeles New York and then I settled in London We had:
a children's library
a reference library
a lending library QUT Library Kelvin Grove QUT Library Gardens Point When I was overseas I did lots of non-library stuff too Choir Travel Bath Barcelona Rome Prague Stonehenge Tower of London Hampton Court Palace Verona Berlin Melbourne Next stop: Senior Business Researcher expert in database searching
working with mergers & acquisitions
writing reports on emerging issues in business
helping to find out about companies, people
keeping bankers informed of industry
NO BOOKS! I missed working with people
(not that bankers aren't people...)
I missed what we call "client-contact" University College, University of Melbourne
College Librarian
One Person Library (OPAL)
Ordering all the books
Cataloguing all the books
Evaluating our serials (journals)
Creating an online presence for the Library Brimbank Library
Senior Library Services and Programs Officer
Supervising staff
Choosing material for the collection
Daily activities - shelving, returns, check-out
Storytime for kids! My favourite :)
Identifying areas in the community to implement programs
Teaching seniors how to use computers
Teaching clients how to use email, excel
Helping clients with resumes and job applications
Games nights - Wii competitions for the kids (and us!) Department of Primary Industries
Electronic Resources Librarian
managing access to databases
reference enquiries (finding stuff!) I missed home! University of Queensland
Liaison Librarian
Working with lecturers to teach into classes
Helping academics to make sure they've found everything they need
Staying on top of the information trends to pass onto clients and colleagues
Buying resources in my liaison areas Griffith University
Information Literacy Librarian (Business)
Working with academics to embed information literacy (teaching!)
Creating online content to support student's learning (tutorials)
Working in a team to meet business needs (Learning Advisors)
Playing with new technology Other professional stuff
Energise>>Enthuse>>Inspire coordinator
VicSpecials Committee
ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee
ALIA Study Grant Award 2010
Conference papers Communicating
Working in a team
Teaching (if you want)
Being organised
Thinking outside the square
Open to new technologies
Finding stuff! Librarian Friends Rachel: Electronic Services Librarian.
I manage the statewide electronic systems and resources used by both Qld Health library staff and clients. This includes the library management system, document delivery system, electronic journals and books and databases. Kate: Faculty Librarian (Law and Management)
LaTrobe University, Melbourne
I provide liaison and reference help to the school of economics and finance and provide information literacy education to students and also provide general and specialist reference help. Fiona: Library Manager, Redcliffe & Caboolture Hospitals
I manage the libraries and look after the information needs of all staff and students on placement in Queensland Health from Eventide to Kilcoy Hospital.
I do a lot of teaching people about Evidence-Based-Practice and critical evaluation of information sources.
I am undertaking a PhD in information literacy and Evidence-Based-Practice in health librarianship. Penny: eLearning Librarian
Unitec Institute of Technology, NZ Jo:Youth Outreach Librarian, Logan City Council
outreach via van travelling to areas in Logan
library outreach and youth programming Emerald: Account Manager, Civica
Library Management System vendor
Sales & support of Spydus LMS
Across Victoria, SA, WA & NZ
Helping libraries to implement and changeover in LMS
ALIA VicSpecials coordinator Kate: Associate Lecturer, QUT Library and Information Studies
I have a general interest in eBooks, online service provision, and the application of technology in public libraries.
In particular, I’m interested in applications of emerging technology in public libraries. exploring new technologies including playing with iPads
helping students and faculty understand blended learning
making instructional videos Librarianship is based on the principle that everyone has the right to have free access to information.
This is why public libraries are free, and put on so many programs for communities, and provide internet access.
Sometimes we have to defend this right politically.
(We're not all quiet about it either! ETHICS teaching buying books writing webguides helping students find stuff! (Homeless people used the library as a "safe space" to come to. Libraries are very important in providing resources for those less priveleged in our communities.) (and I missed books too...) (and I love working at universities) It can be anything you want, really... Naomi Doessel Twitter: @naomidoessel
Email: naomidoessel@gmail.com for courses on
librarianship Rachel Dr Who is always saving this place! BUT... BUT... Librarians are good at: Some types of librarians:
Academic (higher education e.g. Universities)
School (primary and high)
Government sometimes we call these "special" Some other jobs like ours (cousins)
Information managers
Knowledge managers
Records managers
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