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The Devil's Arithmetic Plot Diagram

No description

Nandni Patel

on 21 February 2016

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Transcript of The Devil's Arithmetic Plot Diagram

The Devil's Arithmetic Plot Diagram
The Climax of the story is when Chaya and Gitl try to escape from the concentration camps.
Falling action
The falling action the The Devil's Arithmetic is when the Nazis kill Shmuel and Fayge and Wolfe carries Fayge's dead body into Lilith's cave.
Rising Action
The rising action of The Devil's Arithmetic is when Hannah opes the door for the prophet Elijah and is transported to Poland,1942.
Behind her the elegant meal, with its many plates, goblets, glasses, and silverware, was gone. Instead there was a polished table on which a single wooden bowl sat between two ornate silver candlesticks.
The boy who had whistled stooped down and picked up Fayge in his arms.
Rising Action
The second rising action in The Devil's Arithmetic is when the Nazi's come to take everyone from Fayge and Shmuel's wedding to the concentration camps.
The Devil's Arithmetic is about 13 year old Hannah Stern of New Rochelle. She hates going to her grandparents house every passover/Seder. Hannah is tired of remembering about the Holocaust and how her Aunt Eva and Grandpa Will survived in the concentration camps.
"I'm Tired of Remembering"...
"They insist that we go with them in those trucks."
"There is a plan" Gitl whispered.
The resolution of The Devil's arithmetic is when Chaya goes into the Lilith's Cave and returns back to New Rochelle in her Grandpa Will's apartment an says "I remember".
"I remember. Oh, I remember."
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