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Economics: Create Your Own Country Project

No description

Julianne Castillo

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Economics: Create Your Own Country Project

Economics: Create Your Own Country Project
Julianne Castillo
Mr. Hughes

Brief Introduction

Name: Markovia
Capital: Etrova
Region: Europe
Government: Democratic Republic
Population: 51.3 million
Mixed- Capitalism & Socialism
Agriculture: 47%
products: fruits(grapes), grains, vegetables, fish, dairy products, olives, beef, pork, poultry
Industry: 20.3 %
products: machinery, chemicals, electrics, iron, steel, textiles, ceramics, clothes, meal, medical equipment, and tourism
Services: 75%
How it works?
more free market styled, little government regulation
high taxes but high GDP
social welfare: healthcare, unemployment assistance, etc.
Political freedom
Private Businesses
supportive government
minimal government corruption
Debt: $3.3 trillion
Population below poverty level: 7.4%
Region: Europe
Location: South of France, West of Italy, North of Mediterranean Sea, East of Spain
Climate: Mediterranean/Tropical (S), Alpine: (N), Temperate, dry/hot summers, moderate/cool winters
Physical Characteristics: Mountainous, rivers,

Natural Resources:coal, zinc, marble, natural gas, crude oil, copper, lead, potash, timber, clay
Traditional Electricity: 52%
Solar Panels: 30 %
Wind Turbines: 13%
Hydro power: 3%
Natural Gas: 2%
People and Society
Language: English (official- 1873), French (58%), Spanish (25%), Italian (10%), other (3%)
Religion: Roman Catholic (53%), Christian (43%), other (4%)
Urbanization: 70%
Literacy Rate: 98.2%
Unemployment: 17%
Imports: $471 billion
products: crude oil, fuel, semi-finished goods, consumer goods,medical supplies, automobiles
Exports: $514 billion
products: machinery, medicine, food stuff, iron, steel, beverages (wine)
Partners: Germany, France, Spain, Italy
telephones/cellphones, cables, internet, broadcast media
Trains, Ports (x8), waterways, roads, boats, cars, buses, boats/ferries, airports (x43)
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