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Reynaldo 1972 election

No description

Mr. Parke

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Reynaldo 1972 election

Reynaldo 1972 election
I hope you enjoy
Richard M. Nixon ( Republican ) and George McGovern ( Democrat ) were running for president.
The people who ran
Richard won with 520 electoral votes and George had 17. George got obliterated
Who won
President Nixon ended american fighting in Vietnam. He also improved international relations with the U.S.S.R. and China and he became the only President to ever resign the office, as a result of the Watergate scandal.
He was going to reject 13 bills that would have aided the working man and they all were supported by George.
What George is going to do as president.
What president Nixon did as president
Also his program would yield $22 billion dollars in additional tax revenue ( the income that is gained by governments) instead of imposing a disguised sales tax wanted by President Nixon.
What i think about the election
I think that Richard shouldn't have stepped down. He should of faced his actions! He was only president for 2 years 2!!!!!!
This is the map if you didn't see it in the background.
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