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The deportation of the Acadians

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amogh gaja

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The deportation of the Acadians

The deportation of the Acadians
This is our prezi on the deportation of the Acadians.The Acadians had to take an oath of allegiance to swear to the king of Britain for neutrality between France and Britain. At that time the Acadians signed the oath because they agreed with it. Then several years later in 1755 they had to take the oath again. The Acadians denied to take the oath, so they were deported by the British . Many of the Acadians died. Was this necessary? Was it not?
To begin with we will explain the British reason on why they deported the Acadians
British point of view
reason 1
The British had many reasons to deport the Acadians. One of those are because of population. In the Canada revisited textbook says that the British were concerned about the amount of French settlers in Acadia compared to the amount of British settlers. This lead them to make the Acadians sign an oath of allegiance for which lead to the deportation of the Acadians.
British reason 2
Another reason for the deportation of the Acadians is for the elimination of the Acadians. The reason of the elimination of the Acadians is because the British thought the Acadians would try to eliminate them . In a news article it says that there is evidence of scalping knives in Acadian ships. Also when the British conquered a French fort they found some Acadians in the fort. In addition, the British found proof that the Acadians and first nations with 8000 troops were trying to destroy the fort in Halifax.
British reason 3
Lastly, the British wanted to deport the Acadians because the British thought that the Acadians were spreading bad rumours about the British to the first nations. The British thought that if the Acadians spreaded rumours then, the British would lose their trading partners for fur and would lose lots of profits and money. Those are the reasons that the British deported the Acadians.
Acadian point of view
These are the reasons on why the Acadians shouldn't have been deported.The three reasons that the Acadians didn't sign the oath is they didn't want bare arms, there ancestors signed the oath and they wanted to be free to chose whatever religion they want.
Acadian reason 1
The Acadians didn't want to sign for several reasons. One reason is that they didn't want to bare arms. That means they didn't want to use guns against anyone or go war. In the petition from the Acadians to Governor Lawrence, it says that they didn't want to take up arms or fight anyone in any nation.
Acadian reason 2
Another reason they didn't want to sign the oath is because their previous ancestors have already signed the oath so they believed that they didn't have to sign it a second time ( Canada: a history). They thought that if they they had signed it again it would injustice due to the fact that the British did not believe that they were neutral between France and Britain.
Acadian reason 3
Our last and final reason that the Acadians refused to sign the oath is because they wanted to be free to chose whatever religion they wish. In the petition, the Acadians said they wanted to have entire enjoyment on whatever religion they chose. They have many priests and different religions so wouldn't sign the oath unless they free to chose there own religions.
To sum up these are the reason whether the Acadians should have been deported or not. Our opinion based upon the British and Acadian reasons, we believe that the Acadians have a much superior arguments. Thanks for watching!! :D
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