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Riya/Keerthana's Thief of Always Project

No description

Riya Patel

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Riya/Keerthana's Thief of Always Project

Stage 1 : The Ordinary World
It starts when Harvey is in his house on a rainy night.
"The Great Gray beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive." (pg. 3)
"watching the raindrops chase each other down the glass of his bedroom window." (pg. 4)
Stage 2 : Call to Adventure
Rictus persuades Harvey to come to the Holiday House.
"The wind had started his moving, and when he turned back, the whole room seemed to be swinging around." (pg. 5)
"You need an adventure, young Swick. Somewhere ... OUT OF THIS WORLD!" (pg. 7)
Stage 3 : Refusal of the Call
"Harvey begins to wonder if he had imagined the whole thing." (pg. 12)
Stage 4 : Meeting the Mentor
Mrs. Griffin serves as Harvey's mentor throughout the book, guiding Harvey and making him wonder about the Holiday House.
" 'You must do whatever you wish,' came the reply. 'I'm Mrs. Griffin, by the way.' " (pg. 23)
Stage 5 : Crossing the First Threshold
The wall of mist serves as the first threshold.
" 'It looks like a wall,' Harvey said, 'but it's not a wall.' " (pg. 16)
"The Holiday House is on the other side." (pg. 17)
Stage 6 : Tests, Allies, & Enemies
Harvey makes a few allies : Wendell, Lulu, and Mrs. Griffin.
He also makes a few enemies : Mr. Hood, Carna, Marr, Jive, and Rictus.
This is the part of the where he realizes that the place is holding its secrets.
"He held : three survivors of his ark, dredged up from the depths of the lake." (pg.121)
"It was the most monstrous of the brood : its skin rotted and stretched over barbed and polished bone, its throat a nest of snaky tongues, its jaws set with hundreds of teeth." (pg. 131)
Stage 7 : Approach the Inmost Cave
This is the part when Harvey and Wendell go back to the Holiday House after they have escaped once again.
"He's in the house somewhere, Wendell, and we have to hunt him down whether we like it or not. He's the one who stole all those years with our moms and dads. And we won't get them back until we face him." (pg. 161)
Stage 8 : The Ordeal
The ordeal of the story is when Harvey faces Hood and destroys him (almost).
Example : Chapter 20 - The Thieves Meet
Stage 9 : The Reward
Harvey takes Wendell and himself home.
" 'Who cares?' said Wendell. 'It's time to go home. And that's no illusion.' " (pg. 134)
Stage 10 : The Road Back
The road back is when Harvey and Wendell go back to the Holiday House.
This is also the part where Wendell becomes a fish.
" 'It's a warm afternoon,' said Rictus, idling on the porch. 'Maybe he went ... swimming.' " (pg. 215)
"I don't think any of those grown-ups - my dad, your mom, the police - are EVER going to find the House. If we want all those years back, we have to get them for ourselves." (pg. 156)
Stage 11 : Resurrection
The resurrection of the story is when Harvey faces Hood (the second time).
It is the climax of the story.
It is also the part where Harvey and Lulu work together to get Hood into the vortex (flooding lake).
Example : Chapter 25 - The Vortex
Stage 12 : Return With the Elixir
This part of the book is when Harvey returns back home with his old life back.
Example : Chapter 26 - Living Proof
He also learns a valuable lesson: "Be careful what you wish for."
12 Stages of Mythic Structures
The hero is Harvey Swick because he is the first to realize that the House is evil. He is also the main character and he helps the children get out of the Holiday House.
Mr. Hood is the shadow of the story because he tries to steal valuable time from the children when they are at the Holiday House. Also, he is the main person standing in Harvey's way when he escapes from the House. He also leads all the lesser villians.
Threshold Guardians
The threshold guardians are Jive, Marr, and especially Carna because their jobs are to keep the children at the Holiday House forever.
Harvey’s mentor is Mrs. Griffin because she guides and instructs Harvey throughout the course of the book.
Lulu is the herald because she challenges Harvey to fight Mr. Hood and end the curse of the House. She also helps him get rid of Mr. Hood.
The shapeshifter is Rictus because he was misleading the children into the Holiday by advertising what the House can offer and he makes sure to include what the child wants.
The theme of The Thief of Always is
good versus evil
. This is the theme because Harvey is against Hood. Harvey realizes that the House took away precious time from the kids and their parents and that all that the House would offer was just dust. Enraged yet smart about his moves, Harvey faces Hood in a fight to end his life and revive the time they had lost.
Also, another theme could be
growing up
. For example, as Harvey stays longer in the Holiday House, he realizes that this place is no longer safe.

Lesson Learned
The main lesson learned : “Be careful what you wish for.”
This is proved through Mrs. Griffin’s story. Mrs.Griffin was an only child who had father who didn’t buy her a new cat because her first cat died. Furious and depressed, she wishes to live elsewhere away from her father and she wants to have three cats. There after, Rictus comes to tell her that the Holiday House can grant her all in dreams and make her wildest wishes come true. But what she doesn’t know is that her wish will keep her inside the Holiday House forever. She wants a new father, and she was the first of the children to ever come to the Holiday House. Mrs.Griffin is married to the House and her “new” father is Mr.Hood.
Also Harvey followed Rictus into the Holiday house because he wanted a break; but, the break turned out way too long.
Another lesson is that time is precious.
This is proved when Harvey stays at the House too long and realizes that the House is the thief of time. When Harvey returned home, away from the borders of the cursed Holiday House, he sees his parents who have aged thirty-one years when Harvey had only aged a mere month. He then realizes that he has to go back to the Holiday House to save his friends and get back the time that they had lost there as well. The valuable time that he could’ve had with his parents was lost when he went to the Holiday House.

Figurative Language
There are many examples of figurative language in this book. Here are three examples.
1)“The Great Gray beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive.” (Pg 2) This piece of figurative language is very important because it portrays Harvey’s boredom as a vicious beast that seems to contain him from any fun in the outside world. This metaphor shows the mood of the scene being gloomy and dismal.
2)“And finally, when the winter wind had blown out the flames in the pumpkin heads, and carpeted the grounds with snow, chilly fun for them all out in the frosty air, and a warm Christmas welcome when they were done.”” (Pg. 79) This scene in the novel clearly shows that all in a day’s time, the seasons change and they place a calming or intense mood on the people of the Holiday House. However, after every day spent in the Holiday House, another year in the real world is stolen from the children.
3)“A low growl of irritation came from the house.” (Pg. 224) This image in the novel clearly shows that the House is alive and that it watches over the children who come to the House in need of pleasure and bliss. It does not want Harvey and Wendell to leave and it doesn’t want to be destroyed. However, the House also seeks out the things that the children may want at the time to keep them there forever. The one thing that the children don’t know is that the Mr.Hood is the Thief of Time, and the things that he gives to the children who want freedom and fun, all of what he gives are just illusions.

Thief of Always
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