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IE Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development

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Palesa Mjali

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of IE Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development

“Profound steps taken by young South Africans in
helping shape the future generation of this country
This program definitely makes me want to
get more involved in improving lives of young
disadvantaged South Africans.”
Words from a Dream Ambassador:
Mentoring Events
The mentoring workshops with our Dreamers and Dream Ambassadors are by far my favorite to plan.. From the theme to the execution, there's never a shortage of inspiration!
These events are all about exposing our Dreamers to places, experiences and careers, helping to broaden their horizon and strengthen their decision making...
31 August 2012..Quarphix Foundation Launch
Exposure Events
08 February 2014 - A Day to Remember...
A bitter-sweet day when we bid farewell to our first group of Dreamers. On the same token, a proud moment when all of them passed their last year of High School and were accepted to tertiary institutions. We managed to raise funds for 4 scholarships awarded to those who performed exceptionally! #BetheChangeYouWishToSeeInTheWorld
We commissioned a Psychometric organization to conduct subject choice assessments benefiting 200 grade 9 learners in 2 schools. This also helped with identifying gaps in Maths, Science and English subjects. A long-term partnership that will also allow us to effectively evaluate our program!
Our program is endorsed by the Gauteng Department of Education, a long-term goal we managed to achieve within a year of starting this program! This partnership will bolster all fundraising initiatives,potential Corporate partnerships and penetration into more schools.
Nothing gives me more pleasure and a more sense of purpose than changing someone's life for the better. 4 Years ago the Radical Dreamers program was a dream. Now every minute I dedicate to making each event happen is like watching a dream unfold.

I hope you enjoy this scrapbook giving a glimpse to
one of my passions!
Some of The Activities
SIGNED: Palesa Mjali
How does it contribute to my personal and professional development?
It has given me a sense of purpose. I am contributing to the growth of my country through developing our youth
It has built the courage to always go for my dreams and pursue my goals - These kids have taught me to lead by example
Managing a Non-profit organization budget has taught me the art of negotiation, bargaining and selling!
I have learnt humility and empathy. Granted a fair chance, everyone has the ability to succeed
It has inspired me to think of new solutions to our socio-economic problems - I'm always inspired to do more!

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