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R.A.C.E. Strategy: 5th Grade

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Meghan Royack

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of R.A.C.E. Strategy: 5th Grade

Restating Questions
Perfecting the Open-Ended Response Using the R.A.C.E. Strategy

Do Now:
Restate the following questions and answer each one using a full sentence:
What did you do last night when you got home from school?
Why is it important to be on time for school every day?
If you don’t know a friends number, how might you find it?
R.A.C.E.R. Strategy Explained
English is not always about right and wrong answers. Many times there is more than one “right” answer or there are ways to make an answer “better.”
In order for your response to be a truly great response, you need to include more than just a simple answer.
We will practice using the R.A.C.E.R. strategy to develop more complete answers to questions about literature.
Ways to restate a question and make a full sentence:
Last night when I got home from school I…
It is important to be on time for school every day…
If I don’t know a friends number I could…
What is R.A.C.E. an acronym for?
R: Restate
A: Answer
C: Cite
E: Explain & Extend
R: Restate
R – RESTATE the question
Turn the question into a general statement.
Be sure to include key words from the question in your statement.
A – Gives a specific ANSWER to the question.
Answer the question you have been asked clearly.
Be specific!

Provide at least one direct quote (use quotation marks!) from the text that supports your answer
Explain how each quote relates to the question you've been asked.
Extend your response by providing a personal connection.
EXAMPLE Question
What feeling is the speaker of the poem expressing in the first stanza of "The Sun Goes Down on Summer"?
R - RESTATE the question
The speaker of the poem clearly expresses his feelings about the end of summer in the first stanza of "The Sun Goes Down on Summer".
A - Gives a specific ANSWER to the question
It is apparent that the speaker of the poem feels saddened by the close of the season.
C - CITE EVIDENCE (exact words/specific examples) from the text that supports your answer
The speaker develops his feelings by stating that he would "give the world to make the summer stay."
E - EXPLAIN your own personal understanding of this information.
By saying this, it is evident that he would be willing to go to great lengths to extend his favorite season.
Sum up your response in one sentence.
Mimic BUT DO NOT COPY your first sentence.
Use transitional phrases like: In sum, In conclusion, As you can see, etc.
R- RESTATE your main point
In conclusion, the speaker of the poem clearly shows that he is remorseful to see summer end.
Ms. Cannizzaro's 5th Grade ELA/SS Class
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