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Our Way Forward

No description

Jennifer Vogl

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of Our Way Forward

Our Way Forward
Gender Based Analysis
Gender Equity
Legal & Justice Capacity Building
Policy Coordination
Improve services available to those experiencing violence by increasing level of knowledge and harmonizing protocols/practices.

Shared resources/protocols, Map services and gaps
Our Way Forward Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Project
Tiered Community Response

Linking Protocol between Secondary and Primary responders

Screening Tools

Aleen Lenana
A Safe Place Shelter
Case management Outreach

A Coordinated Response to Intimate Partner Violence

Bridge Mender Project
Policy Coordination
Building Bridges Coalition
A partnership of local and area socially centered and enforcement focused agencies, programs and volunteer based organizations.
Community Safety Strategy
Family Violence Prevention Program
Jodi Heidinger
Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society
Family Violence Prevention Program Coordinator
780-998-5595 ext. 222
Community Response Partners
Families First Society of Fort Saskatchewan
RCMP - Fort Saskatchewan Detachment
A Safe Place
Fort Saskatchewan Family and Community Support Services
Heartland Primary Care Network
Child and Family Services of Fort Saskatchewan
Victim Services Unit, Fort Saskatchewan
Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital
Alberta Health Services - Public Health
Project Goals
"...so that every door is the right door."
Collaboration Aspect
Identified need for collaboration
A shared vision among Strategic Alliance Partners
Letters of support demonstrating commitment of partners.
Mandate & Roles
Evaluator and consultant were instrumental to maximize best practice development of the protocol.
Established a working group.
Set meeting times as determined by members.
Individual partner meetings to determine specific needs and roles of each partner agency.
Jennifer Vogl
Families First Society
Project Coordinator
780-998-5595 ext. 227
Respecting partners by effectively using time in a constructive manner
Intimate Partner Violence Tiered Response
A contributing role to supporting secondary agencies in addressing situations of Intimate Partner Violence.
Agencies that work collectively to remove barriers in Intimate Partner Violence situations.
Crisis response to Intimate Partner Violence.
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