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How to Use the TI83 & TI84

Basic Instructions

Tammy Hotchkiss

on 11 July 2017

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Transcript of How to Use the TI83 & TI84

Graphing Keys
Calculator Keys
How to use the
TI-83 & TI-84
Tammy Hotchkiss
Mercer University
Lets get to know the keyboard zones.
Six Steps to Reset the RAM Memory on the TI83 & TI84
1. Press the
to turn the calculator.
2. Press and release , and then press MEM
(MEM located above "+" ).
3. Press 7 to select 7:Reset
4. Press 1 to display the RESET RAM menu.
5. Press 2 to select 2:Reset
6. Press ENTER to display the home screen.
Should display <RAM CLEARED>.
1: About
2: Mem Mgmt / Del
3: Clear Entries
4: ClearAllLists
5: Lists:Archive
6: Archive
7: Reset
The 2ND key is
light blue
in the
left portion of the Editing Keys.
The ON key is located on the
bottom left in the Calculator Keys.
Located in the bottom right of the Calculator Keys.
Screen will display this.
Use arrow keys ">" and move across the top until you have highlighted "ALL".

Click: "ENTER"

Use arrow keys downward to move cursor until you have highlighted:

Click: "ENTER"

Screen should read
"Resetting ALL..."
Then screen should read
"Mem cleared"
Now lets begin...
Turn on the calculator and press "2nd" then press (MODE) "QUIT".

Press "CLEAR" to clear the Home Screen.
You are now ready to begin entering a
new calculation.

The screen should be blank with a
black box flashing in the upper left hand corner.
Do not press
unless specifically instructed.
negative symbol
located at the bottom of the
calculator keys "
Notice that it is different than the
located at the top of the
calculator keys "
Input the following:

1 + (-)1 ENTER

The answer "0" should appear on the next line.

Good Job!

Now let's try something new...
Clear your calculator:
Click "2nd"
Click (MODE) "QUIT"
Click "CLEAR"

Click "Y="
Hint: It's located in the graphing keys
section at the top of the calculator.

Curser should be on "\Y1="
Input the following"
Hint: To enter variables you must first Click the "X,T,0,n" button located in the editing key section of the calculator. This will provide the variable "x".

Click "GRAPH"
Hint: It's located in the
Graphic Keys at the top.
Click: "Y="
Use arrow keys to move the ">L2="

2x ² + 2x + 2

Hint: Don't forget to use the "X,T,0,n" key to type the "x" and the carrot " ^ " key to indicate "to the power of".
The "x ²" button will work on any that are only to the second power. If it is to another power you must type the "^" key.


Finally, lets do something clever.
We will
make a
on the
Press "Y="
Clear all of the "\Y" lines by pressing "CLEAR"
Navigate the rows by using the arrow keys.
Now, on the first " \Y1=" line...
Like this!

Enter the following...

Go to \Y1=
square root key (X²)
"2" "^" "2" or (X²)
"-" (minus key)
Not Negative key "(-)"
"2" "^" "2" or (X²)
Go to \Y2=
"-" (minus key)
Not Negative key "(-)"

Great work!
It was a pleasure teaching you!

Does your screen look like this?
All Rights Reserved to Tammy Hotchkiss 2014
Now Click:
Use the arrow key to move
the cursor to the right & highlight.

''1: Functions"
Does it look like this?
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