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Videoconferencing in the Classroom

No description

Connie Holden

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Videoconferencing in the Classroom

Benefits for Students The most important benefit is visually connecting with people.

Videoconferencing can gain opportunities for higher level thinking via live face-to-face interaction with peers, tutors or experts from around the world.

Video conferencing can bring history lessons to life, make scientific demonstrations easier to digest, and supplement literary discussions with guest speakers.

The level of interest and absorption of material increases, as students tend to respond better to this interactive form of education. Why Video Conference? Benefits for Teachers How Much Will This Cost? The answer to this question varies depending on how much technology the school already has and how it is wired. Many schools already have existing networks, and don't require special connections. However, depending on the network's capacity, signal transmissions can be slow and unreliable. Therefore, the school district will have to pay for an upgrade. With the introduction of broadband and other improved Internet technologies, though, IP-based video conferencing is gaining in popularity.
Next, the type of system to be used will determine how much money will be needed. The various types are listed from least expensive to most expensive (prices are approximate):
*Desktop Setups - $300
*Portable Units - $5,000-$10,000
*Integrated Systems - $10,000-$100,000 References Horton, Jennifer. How Classroom Video Conferencing Works. http://people.howstuffworks.com/classroom-video-conferencing3.htm

Rapid Technologies (2012). www.rapid.co.uk/video-conferencing-in-education

Svitak, Adora (2010). http://mashable.com/2010/04/21/classroom-video-conferencing/

Vidyo Personal Telepresence (2012). http://info.vidyo.com Connie Holden
4-8-13 Video Conferencing in the K-12 Classroom 1. Increase student engagement and motivation
2. Uses research based instructional strategies
Cooperative learning (Kagan)
Classroom instructions that works (Marzano)
3. Uses constructivist pedagogy and inquiry-based learning
4. Increases student achievement
5. Teaching the teachers The daily commute that some teachers typically make to reach their place of employment is eliminated when their options for reaching students are expanded. Time, money, and energy are saved in the process.

Amongst fellow teachers, general departmental meetings and school/district collaborations can now take place in a more convenient and timely manner through video conferencing. For some, the cumbersome early morning staff meeting can occur at a more accommodating moment (when applicable).

Districts could save money with professional development with no travel and accommodation costs. More teachers could be trained at one time.
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