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No description

Travis Mcclelland

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Computers

I have learned about coding.it has helped me do assignments this year at first it was really hard.But i understand it now.we have done assignments that has helped.thats why i like coding.
I have learned a lot about computers this year .I took a test about it. I think i did good i learned a lot of type of parts on a computer.Then i ever known about them.This is why i like computers.
carrer cruising
i have learned a lot about jobs.I like it because you search for a job the do some research on it .I have learned a lot about jobs id like to be a carpenter. There are some interesting jobs on it.This is why i like carrer cruising.
21 things 4 students
It helped do an assghnment cause it shows you how to do one.It shows you how to edit it and everything.It shows step to step.like it shows you how to start a prezi.This is why i like 21 things 4 student.
I have learned about typing.com this year. Its has helped me this year with typing. Its also helped with accuracy and fast. its pretty easy now for me. Thats why i like typing.com.
Scratch taught me to create games so coding .I made a lot of games like pong and basketball,baseball.I like scratch because you can move your charcter have a background.Thats all coding.this is why i like scratch.
Computers taught me how to type faster and learn how to type.Computers taught me how to search things or do an assghnment.It taught me how to use google and apps.I have learned a lot about whats in your computer a lot of things I didn't know.I know how everything works on a computer.I like computers to play games listen to music or assghnments.I have studied a lot on computers for my test in a lot of classes.we can do a lot of stuff on computers and thats a good thing.I like how if you need to search something than find out another way.Its a lot faster than looking it up in the dictionary.I think its made an impact on my life.I think that computers are fun .I like playing games and listening to music.This is why I computers help me.
weebly page
My webbly page i learned about how to copy and paste. And put stuff on it. like my hour of codes or the games or the pictures .This is why i like webbly .
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