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Reaching Peak Performance

Overcoming Obstacles in Your Medical-Legal Practice

Katie Leon Guerrero

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Reaching Peak Performance

Bridge the Gap
An LNC Can Help You Reach Your Goals
An LNC is
A Nurse
An Expert
Efficient & Cost Effective

Boosts Your Performance by Providing Comprehensive Service

Works with you to Assess, Plan, and Implement Your Medical-Legal Strategy

Reaching Peak Performance
Overcoming Obstacles in Your Medical-Legal Practice
Your Client Walks in the Door
Moving Forward
Making an Investment
The Chasm
Gaining Momentum
Reaching Your Goals
With Your New Secret Weapon

The Tear-Jerker

The Slam-Dunk

The Horror Story
You're Really Moving Now!
You are Confident in Your Case.

You Have the Knowledge and Resources to Win!

No more wading through records, research, and red-tape.

You are sprinting to the finish-line in record time.
Requesting Medical Records

Fact-Finding and Research

Do the pieces fit together?
Medical Records/Electronic Medical Records

Pre-existing Conditions

Digging Deep into the Facts, Standards, and Processes of Medicine

Choosing the Right Expert

You've Got a Case!
Your Records are Complete and Organized

You Truly Understand the Medical Aspects of Your Case

You Have the Perfect Experts

Your LNC has cleared the obstacles from your path
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