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The Golden Glove

No description

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of The Golden Glove

The Golden Glove
There is only one other competition, and it's way to expensive for the average american in need. The Festo Robo hand is effective but marketed to large corporations. Not everyday people. We are here to help those in need without breaking the bank.
Got weak hands bro?
Ever tried to grip something and your hand just doesn't work? We have the solution to your predicament. THE GOLDEN GLOVE.
The solution to a weak hand is a strong hand. It's that simple. We make your hand strong with a miniature powered hand exoskeleton to augment your strength.
Tomorrow- prototype design finalized
Tonight- Detailed Parts list
When the things arrive- assembly
Assembly- done within a week
Testing-after assembly

The first prototype will use an actual glove with cord running through the fingers. These will run down to the writst where they can be pulled by hand instead of a motor. The next prototype will actually incorporate the arduino and motors
How?! What?!
The glove will begin with a glove. But we build upon it. Cables run through small pockets within the fingers and contract to pull in the fingers. Just like the tendons in your hand. They are pulled by an electric motor controlled by an arduino. This arduino is activated by a small button within the pointer finger. For marketing we can advertise in hospitals and rehab clinics, were the market is exploding.
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