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Constitution Day

Lesson Plan for Constitutional Day 2012

A Cialone

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2012 The Constitution of the United States of America Among the amendments is a list of the rights of the people. By listing these rights, they are made special.

Let's take a look at a short video clip about the Constitution.

http://junior.scholastic.com/issues/09_17_12/Videos The Constitution is the highest law in the United States. It says how the government works. It created the three branches of government. What are the three branches of government? The Constitution can be changed. The Constitution is changed by an "amendment." By the end of this lesson you will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of how the Constitution came to be, who some of the significant people were at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, and the importance and meaning of the Bill of Rights. Objective: This year is the 225th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.

The framers signed the document on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

...but who were the framers?! Good Question! The framers were the men who crafted or created the U.S. Constitution. June 21, 1788
The Constitution became law after 9 out of 13 states ratified it. Within the document there are 7 articles. These articles make up the main text, or the body of the document. These articles set up our government. The Bill of Rights

These special rights are the first 10 amendments of the Constitution. What type of government do we have here in the United States? Only 39 of the 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention signed the document. Constitutional Republic Only 12 of the 13 states were represented at the convention. Rhode Island chose not to send a delegate. 1st
Freedom of religion, speech and press and the right to peacefully assemble and petition. 2nd
American citizens have the right to bear arms,or own guns. 3rd
This amendment prevents the government from forcing citizens to shelter soldiers in their homes 4th
Prevents unnecessary or unreasonable searches of a person's property 5th
All Americans are given the right to a fair and legal trial. It also protects someone from testifying against themselves in court. 6th
The right to a speedy trial. 7th
Citizens have the right to a trial by jury in a dispute where damages are more than $20. 8th
Unreasonable fines or bail and cruel and unusual punishment are prohibited by this amendment. 9th
This amendment recognizes that Americans have the rights that are not listed in the document. 10th
The final amendment in the Bill of Rights states that the powers not given to the United States government, belong to the states or the people.
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