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Oliver Twist IIIB

No description

Michela Romoli

on 14 June 2018

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Transcript of Oliver Twist IIIB

l ver Twist
Mr. Sowerberry's
Mr. Brownlow's
Fagin's house
by Charles Dickens
Bill Sikes and Fagin wanted to involve Oliver in a robbery in a big house outside London because Oliver was the right size to sneak through a very small window.
The Red Lion
Mr. Giles and Mr. Brittles found him.
The boy was hurt so Rose Maylie told them to call Doctor Losberne to cure him.
Oliver got well and Rose Maylie with her aunt loved him. He was happy again.
After a beautiful period spent in the country with Rose and Mrs Maylie,Oliver came back to London. But one afternoon while Oliver was studying his lessons at his desk near a big window, he saw Fagin with another strange man.
When Oliver was born, his mum was a young woman.
She saw Oliver then she died. No one knew where she was from.
Little Oliver was taken to an orphanage...
An image of Oliver's mother a moment before she died.
Mr Brownlow showed Oliver his library. Oliver was amazed.
Mr Brownlow promised to give Oliver an education.
One day Mr Brownlow sent Oliver to a bookshop. On the way Nancy saw Oliver and with Bill Sikes took him to Fagin's house.
They took all his things
so he became sad again.
Fagin and Oliver.
Oliver walked and walked for a very long time. He got tired, hungry and weak. The seventh day Oliver was exhausted.
On the road he met Jack Dawkins,called the artful Dodger. They went together to London. The Dodger took him to Fagin. Oliver can sleep at his house.
Mr Monks went to the workhouse and talked to Mr and Mrs Bumble about Oliver and his mum.
Mr Bumble replied that the boy was Oliver, and his wife was with Oliver's mother when she died, so only she could give him the information he wanted. Mr Monks invited him and his wife in an old house for information and in return she gave him more money.
Fagin's house was dark dirty. There were a lot of kids and also some hung handkerchiefs.
The Dodger and Charley Bates ran home frightened. Fagin asked where Oliver were and they said that a policeman had taken him away.
After the accident that happened to Oliver while he was in the workhouse and after being locked up in a dark room all alone, Mr. Bumble handed the boy over to Mr. Sowerberry as his new boy who was supposed to work for him. Mr. Sowerberry was a coffin seller.
The first night at Mr. Sowerberry’s house was terrible, Oliver ate the dog's meat and slept among the coffins. The next morning he met a big boy, his name was Noah. Noah was rude to him.
One day Noah said terrible things about Oliver’s mother and Oliver fought with him.
Oliver was locked in a dark room again, but the next morning he escaped to London.
The next morning Fagin was looking into a mysterious,
box full of jewels. Oliver woke up and saw him. Fagin discovered him but Oliver said he had seen nothing.
Monks asked Mrs Bumble to show him the ring. There was written "Agnes", he took it and he threw it into the river. One day Sikes was very ill and he asked Nancy to go to Fagin and ask him for some money. Nancy went to Sikes's home, but there was also Monks. Fagin asked her to wait and Monks and Sikes went in an other room. Nancy listened to horrible things about Oliver and when Sikes left the room, she went away with the money.
During breakfast Charlie Bates and the Dodger came back from "work" with some
handkerchiefs and wallets. Fagin was happy.
A day Fagin taught Oliver how to steal.
Oliver thought it was a game, but the next day he discovered that it was stealing.
Rose met Mr Brownlow at his house to tell to him about Nancy's secret. Mr Brownlow was wery happy to know that Oliver was well.
When Sikes discovered that Nancy had spoken to Mrs. Rose and Mr. Brownlow, he killed her.
When Oliver was at the workhouse he was sad.
One day he asked for more porridge.
Because of this he was expelled from the orphanage.
All the people were cold, hungry and sad here.
Charles Dickens's life
Oliver Twist-Mr Brownlow-Mrs Bedwin-Nancy-Mr Brittles-Mr Giles-Rose Maylie-Agnes-Dr Losberne
Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England, on 7th February 1812: his childhood was happy. When Dickens was only twelve years old he had to leave school and went to work: in a factory. When Dickens was nineteen years old he began writing short stories for magazines and his first novel was: "The Pickwick Papers". Some of his most famous works are "Oliver Twist", "A Christmas Carol", "David Copperfield", "Nicholas Nickleby" and "Great Expectations".He died at the age of 58 and was buried in the Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey in London.
Fagin-Charley Bates-Dodger-Mr Bumble-Mr Swerberry- Bill Sikes-Mr Noah Claypole-Toby Crackit-Mr Monks Mrs Bumble
The crimes in Victorian London increased because of little light in the streets and criminals could hide easily.
Poor children had to pick pockets and stole from street markets and women went to shops and they were called shoplifters.
Jack the Ripper (Spectre) killed several women and the police was never able to find him.
Sir Robert (Bobby) Peel started the London metropolitan police at Scotlan Yard and the policemen were known as "Peelers" or "Bobbies".
Scotland Yard is famous because is the first police department.

The most important thing in life is to stop saying 'l wish'and start saying ' will'.
Child Labour
Mr. Brownlow said that Oliver was innocent.
The boy was free and he went to the man's beautiful house.
Mr. Brownlow and Rose Maylie met Nancy at the London Bridge. Nancy told them that Oliver was in real danger.

Mr Brownlow went to the Red Lion and obliged Monks to stay away from Oliver.
Mr Brownlow knew that Oliver was Monks's halfbrother.
Sikes tried to run away but he accidentally hung himself.
Fagin was killed and Monks escaped .
Oliver went to live with Mr. Brownlow who adopted him.
Oliver Twist was ill when he arrived at Mr Brownlow's house. Mr Brownlow and Mrs Bedwin put him in a bed.
Mr Brownlow bought him new clothes. Mrs Bedwin cooked him delicious meals. For the first time in his life Oliver was happy. He had a family and a home.
Oliver entered the house. There were two men at the top of the stairs who shot at him. Oliver could get out of the house but was left in the garden until the morning after.
crime in victorian britain
The Industrial Revolution took place in Great Britain in the 1700s and in the 1800s.
Many families left the country because they were looking for a job in the factories in the cities. In this period the children's working conditions were terrible. In fact they had serious accidents and lots of them died.
The orphans and other poor boys often became thieves or they went to the workhouses.
Only the richest children could get an education. Some poor children went to a "dame" school were kind women taught the children reading,writing and simple arithmetic in their own home.
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