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on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Peru

by:D'Trajon Moore Carvion Cooper

It would cost 2,131 dollars on a round trip to peru. it would take 25hours and 25 minutes to get there. the documents needed to go to peru are a Diplomatic visa, and a Business visa and a passport.
places to visit in PERU
incatrail-A lofty fog shrouded Inca citadel of Manchu Picchu, is just one of several equally scenic and challenging treks in this region of Peru alone.
Uros island-One of Lake Titicacas many treasures, these manandwomanmade floating villages have existed in the lake since Inca times.
Huacachina-This sacred healing lagoon ringed by palm trees and hidden among massive sand dunes draws sandboarders and riders from all over the world.

The culture of Peru was shaped by the relationship between Hispanic and Amerindian cultures. The ethnic diversity and rugged geography of Peru allowed diverse traditions and customs to co-exist. The coastal European influenced Peru has passed through various intellectual stages - from colonial Hispanic culture to European Romanticism after independence. The early 20th century brought "indigenismo", expressed in a new awareness of Indian culture. Since World War II, Peruvian writers, artists, and intellectuals such as César Vallejo and José María Arguedas have participated in worldwide intellectual and artistic movements
Antichous-Marinated grilled heart

caucau-triple diced potatoes.

papa rellena-Meat stuffed potatoes patties
type of food
Saints Day - The worship of the dead and respected custom during pre-hispanic time in peru,and part of tradition, combined with christian elements that lives on today.
peru Music-In Peru people play the Bombo which is a large wooden drum found throughout the Andes.
Traditions and Music
From june to August it is dry season. Also from december to march it rains in the rainforest.the type of clothing i would bring is shorts and tank tops.
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