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PAIR Prezi final


Darren Jones

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of PAIR Prezi final

Policy, Advocacy, Insight &
Research (PAIR)

Understanding oppositions NGO's
Stakeholder mapping Centre and 6 states if India
Strategy for introduction
Allies and opposers
Dealing with public interest lawsuit
Child Immunisation in India
Media and advocacy
Social media
Journalist development
HPV in India
Large stakeholder mapping exercise
Identifying key stakeholders working in HIV
Identify key issues regarding the disease in three developing countries and eight european countries
Used global network to engage key informants in each market
Helped to profile organisations and individuals that were critical to key debates on HIV
Carried out in-depth interviews
Five continents
access to over 450 staff in 52 countries

Collaborative research programme in five big european donors
Over sixty top politicians, civil servants, Diplomats, Thought leaders and specialist correspondents were interviewed
Produced an “Insiders View” on European ODA http://www.eu-oda.com/
Top health news
Exclusive interviews
Photo essays

23 years
Over 40 people in São Paulo
Implementation partners throughout Brazil and Latin America
HIV stakeholder research project and engagement recommendations
Likely reaction of stakeholders to Hep C treatment in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela
Hyderus is based in South Wales (UK) but has a network of specialised consultants around the world.
It has run multinational policy research, market assessment or stakeholder engagement projects
Project Management Experience

Dedicated management experience with recognised qualifications
Staff deployed on multi-language, multi country projects
Managed 5 year grant programmes for NGOs, multilateral organisations and foundations
Cutting edge technology and tools used for global project management
Project Management
Provide data, analysis, recommendations and manage implementation campaigns to foundations, governments, NGOs and corporate clients
Led by experts in advocacy,
policy formation and reputation
PAIR can also draw on the academic strength of every part of the university, including agriculture, business, public health and IT
In-country research across 47 Sub-Saharan African countries

Over 300 interviews to be carried out

Civil servants, Politicians, Officials and journalists
Research study and design of an advocacy programme
Economical and financial landscape
Influence corporate and institutional policy
Project in the field of Climate change
Reducing carbon emissions /Amazon rainforest
Family planning and climate change mitigation
Strategic communication
Research programme in five big european donors
Interviewed sixty top politicians, civil servants, Diplomats, Thought leaders and specialist correspondents
Produced an “Insiders View” on European ODA http://www.eu-oda.com/

Civil society and think tank attitudes to European ODA
Formulated strategy
2012 report, European ODA
Insiders view - next ten years
Large stakeholder mapping exercise
Key stakeholders working in HIV
Identify key issues
Used Global network
Profile organisations critical to key debates on HIV
Communications and policy engagement strategy
Working with Academic researchers
Developed communication material
Understanding maternal and neonatal health
Crisis management training
TV and Radio interview
Preparation WHO meeting
Producing analysis
Presentation 700 online participants
Health Issues India was founded by Hyderus Cyf
Global consultancy with strong expertise
India;PRinIndia – the leading Indian PR specialist
Communications consultancy
Tramor – Indian management consultancy
Comprehensive programme
SKA to be presented in USA,UK, Canada, India, SA and China
National and international focus
A preparatory study of unsecured and micro lending marketplaces in high growth and developed markets has underlined the following:

The financial crisis has caused a sharp drop in emerging world access to basic financial services.

There is a clear disconnect between the social and commercial objectives of consumer and micro-lending schemes.

There is a clear need for measurable evidence of the impact of micro lending programmes on economic growth.

There is an acknowledged need for a coherent approach to the regulation, provision and distribution of micro and consumer credit that cuts across government, the private sector, the financial services community, NGOs and multilateral agencies.

Denise Gee has over 25 years of experience in communications across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US.

Denise held media and PR roles in South Africa before moving to the UK and several internal and senior corporate communications roles at Visa International and BP.

Denise covers financial services, technology, oil and gas, retail, environment and luxury travel.

She has been instrumental in the establishment of the Financial Services Practice for Baird’s CMC and is a founder member of the South African Chamber of Commerce, UK.

Centre for Environment Studies (CFES)
Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI)
Denise Gee
Simon Hardie
Simon has more than a decade of experience working in financial services and emerging markets communications and intelligence for some of the world’s leading publishers including Euromoney and The Economist.

He started as a reporter and later director for global provider of emerging markets economic supplements

Simon is currently managing director of Eurasia Insights, a specialist research and communications house that he founded to serve the need for intelligence on the

Centre for Communication And Reputation Management(CCRM)

Centre for the study of AIDS
Leadership and management by Brand
Divide between business and government
Network for Social Entrepreneurs (NSE)
Thought leader dialog
The Centre for Dynamic Markets

Mainstream HIV&AIDS
Mobilise students and staff
Government and the Foundation for Professional Development

Opportunities for advanced education, research and consultancy
Designed programmes
Scholarships and internships
Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme

Position SA Internationally on production of renewable energy
International comparison on OECD countries
Renewable energy and economic welfare
Innovation laboratory
Decisions in public institutions, private companies and civil society organisations

Gender justice and human rights
Alleviating poverty
Tolerance, diversity and democracy
Gendered development, justice and transformation
Research, Forest management, Water Quality,Rural development and
Environment, Social issues, Lubombu
Transfrontier Sustainable livelihoods project
Mariepskop observation site - long term climate change
Fruit tree industry
Agricultural and forestry crops
Research in the plant and animal sciences.
Over 30 languages spoken
Institute for Women's And Gender Studies
Wildlife trafficking
Micro finance
Business Ethnics
Global governance on food security
Young scientists awarded at top achievers
Marketing and communication knowledge, regulation, research, consultation, training and mentoring
Health Issues India
Clinical trials in Africa
Largest media group in Africa
Gordon Institute Of Business Science
School of health systems and public health
Economics of Renewable Energy
Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation
Climate Change
Working with HIV
Health Issues India
Sure Start
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