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Connecting to our Future

Portland's Broadband Strategic Plan 7.25.11

Mary Beth Henry

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Connecting to our Future

Portland's Broadband Strategic Plan
Broadband = High-capacity,
two-way internet connections
Broadband = Essential Infrastructure
Broadband = Key to Portland’s Economic Future & Quality of Life
Electricity ~ Broadband
Fiber & Wireless
Fiber and wireless are both essential
Fiber offers high bandwidth -
theoretically infinite capacity -
Wireless offers mobility –
connectivity during movement –
requires fiber backhaul
1 in 5 Portland Homes doesn’t take broadband internet (scientific surveys)

1 in 2 Households with income under $30,000
Reasons – Cost and/or Perceived Relevance
Connecting to Our Future Process
Phase 1
Resolution at Council
Leadership Team
Kick‐-Off ‐
Winter Roundtables

• Economic Development
• Public Safety
• Health & Education
• Digital Inclusion
• Planning, Sustainability & Transportation
Phase 2

Under-‐represented Groups
Tech User

Council Work Session - July 26, 2011
Council Adoption - September 14, 2011
• Positively affect broadband infrastructure and service

• Plan for optimal broadband deployment for Portland

• Identify key short (3year), mid (7year) and longterm
(10year) broadband policies and initiatives

• Ensure affordable and ubiquitous availability across all age
groups, cultures, races and economic classes

• Create lifelong learners who can embrace rapid change and
work and prosper in the new economy
Broadband is a key resource to participating in the next economic shift
Content of the Plan
5 overall goals
accomplished through
14 key strategies
1. Attract innovative broadband‐intensive business
and institutions that create knowledge jobs in Portland
2. Eliminate gaps in broadband capacity, equity, access and affordability
3. Create tech-‐skilled residents, students, small businesses and workforce
4. Ensure that planning, sustainability and development activities promote use and adoption of broadband technologies in government, energy conservation, transportation, health, education and public safety
5. Create future‐-oriented broadband policy and institutionalize
digital inclusion values
with recommended actions
identified for the short,
medium and long-term
Prioritize Capacity: “Big Pipe”

Attract Research & Development

Standards and Best Practices
Eliminate gaps in Broadband capacity,
equity, access and affordability
Establish Neighborhood Broadband Hubs

Expand City Capacity to Address Digital Equity

Incent Marketplace Competition
• Create Broadband Centers of Excellence

• Promote Technical Literacy and Skills

• Modernize and Adopt Telecommuting and
Remote Work Strategies and Policies
• Establish & Sustain a Regional Task Force on Digital Inclusion
• Advocate for leg/reg and adoption of open network platforms and open data standards
Adopted Sept. 2011
Portland Plan April 2012
Comprehensive Plan
20th Century
21st Century
Portlanders face equity issues in access to communications technology similar to other communities across the country
Your Voice initiative findings:

– 88% of Portland’s business community is comprised
of small businesses. They employ 53% of the total workforce

– More than half of Portland’s residents (57%) with internet
access use the internet for activities related to work or
employment services
Internet of Things
We are talking about connecting
people, places, devices & things
• US is # 16th in broadband in the world

• Portland doesn’t have to be. We can jump ahead & create our broadband future
•Open Access (1998-2000)
•IRNE (City's Wide Area Fiber Network) (1999)
•1st RFI for community broadband provider (1999)
•Franchising w/broadband companies (2000-2002)
•Personal Telco (2000 - present)
•IRNE - INET (schools/libraries) (c. 2002 - present)
•Community Fiber Feasibility (2005-2007)
•Metro-Fi (2006-2008)
•Google RFI (2010)
•BTOP Grant (2010)
•Broadband Strategic Plan (2010-2011)
Eliminate Broadband Gaps
World Class Broadband
Dig Once
Fiber to Wireless Sites
Develop FTTH Incrementally
Pilot FTTH
Public/Private FTTH (open access)
Make Strategic Investments in Broadband Infrastructure
Create tech ‐skilled and “ready to go” residents, students,
small businesses and workforce
Plug broadband into all planning, sustainability and development activities
Create future ‐ oriented broadband policy and make digital inclusion part of civic DNA
• Catalyze a Dynamic City Technology Culture
• Adopt Information Technology Standards
• Establish Regional Public Safety Standards for Wireless Networks
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