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Jack London (John Griffith London)

No description

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Jack London (John Griffith London)

Jack London (John Griffith London)
January 12th 1876-November 22 1916
Stories of Jack London...
About Jack London
Jack was born on January 12th, 1876
Jack was born to unmarried parents that go by the names of Flora Wellman, and William Chaney.
When his mother was ill he was raised by an ex-slave names Virginia Prentiss
when his mother married John London he adopted the name of Jack. (therefore Jack London)
His step father made them move around alot
While they were moving around, Jack discovered books
Jack was many jobs, but he always prefered writing
he ran for mayor many times, but failed
When Jack decided to be a writer he made a goal, 1000 words a day six days a week. in 16 years he wrote 50 books.
by the time he passed away he was one of the best paid writers. earning over 1 million dollars..
Best Known Writings
Call of The Wild
White Fang
The Sea Wolf
Martin Edin
The Scarlet Plague
Star Rover
To Build a Fire
The Road
Hearts of Three
The Assassination Bureau
My Thoughts
The Story of An Eyewitness
Raid on The Oyster Pirates
The Shadow and The Flash
Demetrios Contos
I would recommend Jack London to anyone who loves reading about the outdoors. Or loves reading about his life. in jack Londons books he usually incorporates his life events in the form of his writing. its a good way to learn more about his life. As in "Demetrios Contos" he writes about his past experiences.
This is one of his first science fiction
Lloyd Inwood and Paul tichlorne have had a rivalry for a while, and Jack London always found himself in the middle of it
Lloyd and Paul were both trying to find "invisibility"
When one of them almost does they end up fighting.
No one ever finds out what the secret is. when they die their experiments die with them
: Lloyd inwood, Jack London, Paul TichLorne
:Their labs at the university
Never trust someone that you dont really know
Major Conflict:
They are both trying to find invisibility, and study chemistry
:when Lloyd almost finds out, he just forgets one point
Point of View:first person

This is one of Jack's writings out of a magazine
It is about the devastating story of the 1905 earthquake in San Francisco.
Right when it happened, the publishers of the magazine reached out to him and asked him to write it.
He tells the story of how all the families, businesses, and industries got demolished.
Characters: only character is Jack London
Settings: San Francisco, California in 1905
Themes: Always have hope!
Mood: the mood was very sad and descriptive.
Conflict: trying tp figure out how to rebuild the city
Climax: When Jack goes out the next day and writes about how tragic everything really is
Point of View: First Person
Symbolism: How helping Everyone was
Jack and Charley are trying to raid the Ghost (an oyster ship)
Charley Le Grant, Jack London, Neil, Mr. Taft
Setting: Oyster ship
Theme: Don't steal from others
Mood: Suspenseful, page turner
Conflict: They are trying to figure out how to raid them with out them knowing
Climax: When they are on their way too steal the oysters
Point of View: First person
Demetrios challenges them that he can catch salmon on a Sunday even though its illegal
Jack London sails out there
Jack London's ship that he is on wrecks
Demetrios comes back and saves Jack's life, even though he is supposedly the meanest guy around
Characters: Charley (again), Jack London, Demetrios.
Setting: Charley's Oyster ship
Theme: Never judge a book by its cover
Mood: thrilling, page turner
Conflict: Everyone thinks he is not good enough because he has been bad in the past.
Climax: When Jack sails out and he hits a bad current, and the ship wrecks.
Point of View: First Person
My thoughts about Jack's Life/ Him overall.
I think Jack had a harder life than usual, he had to move around more than the usual kid, and during his early childhood he had to be raised by an ex-slave because his mother was ill. when he started writing, Jack incorporated many of his life events, like in the stories I just presented. overall, i think jack london worked for his sucess in his writings, and he deserved to be recognized as much as he is.
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