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Carey Company

No description

Julie Dinh

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Carey Company

Fingerprint Scanner
Why Fingerprint Scanner?
What Will We Have?
How Is This All Going To Tie Together?
Why ID cards?
Identity Card Swiper
Fingerprints form through a variety of factors:

- Genetic Code
- Random events
- Inside the fetus
Amniotic fluid
Fingerprint system to get in
ID cards for nurses
Guards at the entrance
Security camera
Fingerprints cannot be "faked" easily
There are tips on how to trick fingerprint scanners on the iPhone/laptops
Guard at the Entrance of Nursery:
Look at who is coming in and out

Includes PIN
Shows time and day each person checks in and out
Also include a photo for ID cards for showing an actual person who has their own ID. This can only access for mothers, fathers, and nurses.
It can only show their information such as health records, social security number, etc.
Can identify your personal information such as:
Driver's license
Social Security Number
Health records
Kiu Vong
Annaly Khamphasouk
Julie Dinh
Carey Company
Security Cameras:
Record what is going on
What are some consequences?
How someone can still go through the security?
Hackers can make identical cards
A card and PIN can be stolen by a hacker
Shared information to others
Watch people using fingerprint scanner
If someone stole a baby:

We have videos to see who came in and out
Money - it can be expensive for hospital for extra security if needed
Damage - if a suspicious person tries to break it there's a chance that it will cost more
Hacking - stole information from others
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Mission Statement
Our job is to protect everyone and keep things orderly because we want to make sure that newborns are protected.
Why do we choose this?
Finger scanner is the most exotic technology because everyone has a different fingerprint. If you want to see your newborn, then you have to access the nursery by using the fingerprint scanner and your ID card. Which will have guards watching over you.
Why our product is better?
Has more protection for everyone especially newborns at nursery room
To make sure mothers and fathers will go to their newborns by finger scanning
Make sure that everyone will access to their newborns equally
Is it easier for people to access newborns?

For mothers and fathers they had to finger scan it
For nurses, they had to swipe their identity card, finger scan and put their pin number in order to access
Theft will not cause our system because they can't access to newborns

Our Story
How Much does it cost?

From $50-$400 in general
Last year, over 100 babies were Monroe Hospital were stolen. After a parents were threatening to sue the hospital, the Monroe Hospital came to us because they knew that we had good security. A year after using our security, there were no babies stolen. There was a theft attempt but we caught them
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