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bob saunders

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Hydroeletricity

HYDROELECTRICITY By: Holly & Keegan A power source is used to turn a propeller - like piece called a turbine, which turns a metal shaft in an electric generator which is the moror that produces electricity. A coal - fired power plant uses steam to turn the turbine blades. A hydroelectric plant uses falling water to turn the turbine. How It Works 1) Hydro power is the most important and widely used renewable source of energy.
2) Represents 19% or total eletricity production.
3) Does not create pollution. Positive Attributes Negative Attributes 1) Sometimes large areas are drowned by building the dam, and people are displaced.
2) Smaller models depend on availability of fast flowing strams or rivers.
3) Run - of - the river plants can impact the mobility of fish and other riverlife. Most Commonly Used Most commonly used by Canada, U.S., and Brazil. Brazil=10% U.S.=10% Canada=70%. Our Opinion We think that hydroelectricity should be used more because, it does not create pollution and, it cuts back on powerlines. So that makes it better for the environment. References ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/hyhowworks.html
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