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Braeden Bersano

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Honduras

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The main/official language of Honduras is Spanish.
The main/official religion of Honduras is Roman Catholic which is about 47 percent of the population.
The Flag
The Honduran flags colors are two blue stripes that symbolize The Caribbean Sea and The Pacific Ocean.
The white represents peace, prosperity, and patriotism.
The four outer stars represent El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.
The center star represents Honduras.
The flag was adopted on January 18, 1949.

By: Sergio and Braeden

Honduras contains the largest pine forest in Latin America.
The great Mayan empire flourished in present day Honduras until about 800 A.D.
Honduras area in square miles is 43,278.
Honduras is just a little larger than Tennessee and Cuba.
Located in Central America, Honduras is bordered by the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.
The money the Honduras people use is called a Honduran Limpira.
One dollar U.S is about 22 dollars in Honduran Limpira.
We would love to go to the beach in Honduras.
People in Honduras enjoy going to the beaches for summer vacation.
Its very hot and has very clear water even though they are a very poor country.
The beaches are located around the coast lines.
Even in Christmas people go to the beach.
Famous Person
One famous person from Honduras is Alex Pineda Chacon.
He is known as one of the best soccer players from Honduras.
He was born in Santa Cruz de Yojoa.
He plays for the olympic team has had a successful career.
He won the leagues most valuable player in 2001.
The main and official sport Honduras is futbol (soccer). Futbol is where a team kicks a ball into the opposing goal across the field using only your feet. Except for the goalie.
Famous Sport
Coconut Bread
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