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So you want to be a Conservation Guide?

Informational presentation for youth volunteers applying to be Conservation Guides at the Dallas Zoo.

Dallas Zoo Youth Volunteers

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of So you want to be a Conservation Guide?

Program Extras
Daily Activities
Must be 13 to 18 years old by first date of session
Must commit to the same 4.5 hour shift every week for the entirety of ~10 week session
Must be willing to complete all tasks, even when it means getting dirty!
Conservation Guides educate visitors of all ages about animals and nature with games, crafts and activities in the Nature Exchange and the Discovery House
Conservation Guides assist with animal presentations in the Discovery House and with caring for the birds in Bird's Landing
Valuable Skills
As a CG, you learn about public interaction, responsibility and initiative
BTS Tours
Parties & Awards
Every week we tour behind-the-scenes areas, like the chimpanzee or tiger building, where we talk to the keepers and learn about the animals. Or some weeks we will make animal enrichment!
Each volunteer will be evaluated during their session and will be given advice on how to improve for the last few weeks of their session.
We have end-of-session parties during the last week, where each child receives a gift and a certificate of their hours. There's usually tasty treats involved too!
*Each volunteer may participate in only one session per year.
February 12-
May 5, 2017

June 11-
August 12, 2017

September 10-November 20, 2017

Next Steps
Sign Up
The next step in the process is for us to interview you! Sign up for an interview with the Youth Volunteer Coordinators at:

After interviews, we will contact all applicants to let them know whether they were accepted or not. Those that are accepted into the program will get more information on their session and requirements.
Thank you!
Even though we are not able to accept every applicant into our programs, we greatly appreciate your desire to volunteer at the Dallas Zoo! If you have any questions, be sure to contact us at youthvolunteers@
Each Conservation Guide is assigned to one area at the beginning of their shift and works directly with the staff member in that area. They may be sent to do a task on their own, but will never be without staff supervision for more than a few minutes. The majority of tasks are completed within view of the public.

For part of your interview, we would like you to prepare a 2-minute speech on your favorite animal and be able to talk a bit about one of the following topics:
Water Conservation
Energy Conservation
Animal Conservation

Accepted applicants will be expected to attend training and submit the following:

Program fee ($60)
TB test results
Minor release waiver
Youth Volunteer Coordinators, Courtney and Ben, sign CGs in and out every day and visit areas periodically to check up on each participant. They are also the point person for any zoo or family emergencies that may occur.
Coordinator's Role
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