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how do I get what I want in life

No description

zachary roper

on 21 October 2011

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Transcript of how do I get what I want in life

Through Force Through Strife Through Compliance Julius Caesar wanted power, so
he fought the gauls for it wanted to control Rome,
so he fought Pompeii for it wanted to become consul
so he forced the senate
to endorse him The Blind Side Sinners in the hands of an angry god The Crucible Julius Caesar The Blind Side Sinners in the Hands
of an Angry God The Crucible "The Crucible" Abigail in court

The scence from "The BlindSide" where oher use force to Block the guy to the fence

Clip from Rome (Tv series on HBO) showing caesar ruling through force and fear

- When she told Betty ,Parris, Mercy and ect. That ''she will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you ''. That if they breathe a word about what they did that night. E.Q;What is the best way to get what I want in life? - Useing threat is a way to get what you want like how Abigail did in the story '' The Crucible: page 837. Julius Caesar The Blind Side Sinners In the Hands of an Angry God The Crucible Julius Casear spent most of his life going through the course of honor, in which he works his way through government positions all the way to consul of Rome Julius Caesar spent 8 years in Gaul governing the Province and putting down the Galic revolts to gain much fame in Rome In adolensce Caesar had to evade the wrath of the dicator Sulla, who wanted him dead and hunted him down mercilously. After Sulla died, Caesar had to work with his heir, Pompeii to rise to political prominence Caesar married Calpurnia, so as to gain access to her rich family, as well as her families broad influence After Caesar beat Pompeii in the Civil war, he spared all of the remaining senators and restored their positions Author's Purpose Main Idea Mr. Proctor made Mary Warren testify in court Hale made tituba confess that she was working with the devil and tell him who helped her Julius Caesar The Blindside The Crucible Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Parris works with Hale and the court to preserve his reputation When the girls started to copy Mary Warren in court to appear as if she was controlling them Citizens testified in court to get what they wanted Mr. Proctor had to work hard to please his wife because she did not trust him due to his betrayal Mr. Proctor had to work hard to try and save his wife from the courts Abigail worked hard to convince the courts and most of the town that she was being attacked by witches Jonathan Edwards"the sermon" got what he wanted in life by persuading people to do what he wanted with the words he spoke. Edward just woke up and decided to go preach to the people about god being an angry god
Jonathan worked with the words from the bible and with what he taught was right about god The authors purpose was to persuade the people who were listen to jonathan Edwards to change their ways or they would pay for it in hell. The main idea is that if you sin you will pay for it later.Nothing you can do will actually keep you out of hell The authors purpose in The Crucible was to Entertain because, it is affiliated with witchcraft and violence, which would imply that Arthur Miller wanted to appease the audience. The author's purpose in Julius Caesar, by Adrian Goldworthy was to inform the audience about the life of Julius Caesar The author's purpose in The Blindside was to entertain, in that John Lee Handcock wanted to entertain crowds with the interesting life of Michael Oher The main idea in the Crucible is that man is feeble minded and can be easily swayed Michael listen to what his coach told him so he can improve his skills on the field. Michael meet up with a bad group of guys who tried stopping him from leaving the apartment. He got into a fight inorder for him to leave the drug apartment. Jonathan edwards John Proctor He used force to block the guy on the other team from hitting his partner . Through his will and determination Caesar managed to become one of the most powerful people in the ancient world That people can succeed despite terrible conditions, and exceed beyond people expectations if given help Michael Oher got what he wanted through strife when he worked hard in academics to stay on the football team Michael got what he wanted by proving him self on the football team by protecting the quarterback. Michael Oher used force to get what wanted by dominating his opponents on the football field as well as off Michael survived the months between running away from his mother and moving in with his adoptive family Michael managed to control his situation with the drug dealers through his sheer force Michael Oher managed to graduate from college by working hard, in both academics and athletics A Prezi by:
Lloyd Mcfarlane
Lorna Jack
Zachary Roper
Goody S. Smith
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