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Intro to Technology Roadmapping

Intro til faglig dag 26-1-2010

Bent Bilstrup

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Intro to Technology Roadmapping

Intro to Technology Roadmapping
”A Roadmap is an extended look at the future of a chosen field of inquiry composed from the collective knowledge and imagination of the brightest drivers of change in that field”, Brian Galvin CEO Motorola
Establish a cooperation tool which both development dept. and marketing could use
Be able to more qualified assumptions on future developments in technologies or markets
Be able to coordinate across a large and diverse organization and increase consistency
Identify ”gaps” – holes in the collective knowledge / product series / markets – more rapidly and more effectively
To time and synchronize efforts towards new technologies and new markets
Why roadmap?
GPS as metaphor
Let's go to Sweden!
Roadmap typology
Case: Roadmapping Software Defined Radio
Process & Method
SharpCloud as communication vehicle
Critical factors for a successful TRM
How is our company affected by technological change?
Can we identify and appoint the means, processes whereby the people in our business on a day-to-day basis manage technology and changes in the technological landscape?
How do we deal with the external technology and information explosion – do we have a systematic monitoring and “intelligence” system for collection and internal distribution?
What are our core technologies? And are we internally aligned around these and their strategic importance between departments, HR, management, engineering etc.?
Are we aware of the “rate of innovation” in our organization?
Are we actively seeking and nurturing innovation and breakthroughs or do they just “happen”?
Do we have a articulated picture of how well our technologically and commercially based knowledge are aligned with our business?

1960 Scientific planning and foresights
1970 Society and economical applications
1980 Sector and industral strategic thinking
1990 - Technology and corporate planning
2000 Technology and corporate planning
In 1602, Sebastian Vizcaino sailed up the California coast, and Father Antonio de la Ascension wrote a journal of the voyage. Claiming that California was separated from the American continent by the “Mediterranean Sea of California.”
For more than 100 years California was depicted on maps as an island even long after Father Kino established its penisularity about 1705
Finally in 1747, Ferdinand VII of Spain issued a royal edict declaring California as part of the mainland
...or California :-)
A roadmap is a forward directed and qualified tool for supporting decision making – like a GPS for a driver
More than one route are found as the context and preconditions change
A roadmap could be the best qualified estimate on a safe or quick route to your destination
Technology Roadmapping (TRM) is a mature process and supported by numerous tools and methods

TRM can give you tremendous insight AND outlook – both don’t go for both at the same time

Roadmapping is a continuous process – the roadmaps are the outcome or artifacts from this process

The roadmaps are hypothesis on the future markets, their demands, technology options and possibilities – you can use them to reduce risk and combine them with scenarios to give these hypothesis dynamics and “life”

Use it to identify strategies and necessary activities

Roadmaps are superb tools for internal and external communication

Roadmaps gives you a tool to time your efforts

A roadmap can create a consensus which are crucial if we are to move forward together as a group or organization

You can do it – in fact you are already doing it….
The framework...
The method...
The process
From the current study curriculum "roadmap" at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
System Architect Growth Path
The right team over time
The right mix of competencies
(Some what...)Mature organization
Sources for data
and information
Valid sources
The right data
Enough - but not to much...
Method & Process
Maintain momentum
Managenble processes for initiating, developing, reviewing and integrating the TRM
Maintaining the right level of abstraction
Fast track TRM
Det er ikke vores opgave at forudsige fremtiden men at være velforberedte på den.
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