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No description

Leah Opoku

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Elemaxx

Thank You!
'Elemaxx the first marketing automation system providing 2way technology to maximise full potential'
Mission Statement
We aim to provide companies with the right tools at the right price to maximise their platform.
Why 2way technology?
Why 2 way ? because feedback given is taken into consideration to improve our serivces and help our client . When something is done by the company elemaxx respond , it works in 'two' ways.
Roots LTD
Product Name
Markomation-marketing & automation.
Eleviser -Elevate and advising.
Waves-came to mind.
LTech-technology, any letter to put infront to make it sound catchy.
Complex - Consists of many different parts.
Elemaxx-elevating and maximum.
Why we decided Elemaxx?
Everyone went away to think of names.
We choose the name through an elimination process of the names we came up with.
Elemaxx fits perfectly with 2 way technology.
Easy to remember,pronounce,spell
Putting two words together-maximum -reaching full potential
Not long winded
Elevating- refers to growth,rising
The name has no association with anything in the industry.
Speed meter with the arrow in the readzone exemplifies the product which will help a business reach its full potential.
Colour Scheme
Goes with logo, different sections represent colours of logo,individual sections have white background.
Why? because it correlates with our logo.
White background,looks more professional, distinguishes homepage from the rest.
The colour white represents purity and a successful beginning.
Most competitors have 2-3 colours scheme , so we want to stand out and be different.
Marketo changed their website?
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