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Fred Perry SWOT Analysis

An analysis of product pages on the Fred Perry Website

Jack Morgan

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Fred Perry SWOT Analysis

well at the top of the page Image style On trend photography style
Good lighting to highlight colours
Good image quality for zoom function Good Mobile Optimization Click to zoom is nice and fluid Category Name Category name is "Shirts". I understand this may be the internal name for the category or it might be because Fred Perry wants to get away for the "Polo" title. I believe the consumer would mistake "Shirts" for "Woven Shirts" Products Page Only one colour of Shirt is viewable on the grid (and is yellow the most commercial?) would be good to see colour chips, show more colours on the grid or say "23 colours available" If people don't like the yellow shirt they'll probably assume there are no other colours and not click through to the product page. Too hard to share You need to be a member to "tell a friend" about a product. This restricts the amount of sharing people will do and would be better with facebook connect to gather user info for CRM quicker Option to buy is too far down On the product landing page the buying call to actions are too low and are a scroll away. They should be higher to prompt a sale No Colour Option Colour Pick Confusion When clicking the yellow shirt you land on black, confusing the customer on their selection Other Colours The images of the other shirt colours are too small and require a click to really see what colour the shirt is. This could be simplified with swatches Wholesalers If Fred Perry don't provide an amazing customer and brand experience people will shop elsewhere where they can buy other non Fred Perry items as well. There needs to be a reason to shop on the brands website and that is normally only achieved by experience (not price) Brand Experience Offer more than the competition While the main competitors might have better resources. The Fred Perry staff have access to a range of info and history about the products. This needs to be easily accessible Video content ASOS has video on nearly all product If a picture says 1000 words how many does a video say? Product copy should focus more on the history of the shirt. Educating people on what the brand can offer to set apart from wholesalers Product Description Customer Reviews People love Fred Perry, Only a handful of brands have customers that are so attached to them. Let people talk about this with product reviews. This also boosts CRM Company background A range of content exists surrounding the history of Fred Perry, use this info on the product page. This will help sell the products and educate people without pulling them away from a transaction Media Content There should be video content on the product page for hero items, Don't take people away from the product page with links to other sections of the site a drop down to more content would work. Zoom Skin The click to zoom function works well although could be skinned better Only one image per product. Customers expect to see back views and detail shots. One image is fine for a non transactional website but a customer needs to get a feel for the fabric to finalise a sale Detail Shots No Sharing No social sharing options. this is a must have, having a group of well researched social links will aid usage Good use of navigation
and site journey trail Cross Merchandising Maybe calling this "Complete the look" to help sell items across category rather than selling similar shirts Thank You
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