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Dante's Inferno: Circle 5 and 6

No description

Jacy Land

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno: Circle 5 and 6

Symbolic Retribution (Contrapasso) of Circle 5:
The wrathful unleash their anger above the water and the sullen are kept bottled up beneath the water

They unleash their anger by biting, hitting, and mangaling each other, while the sullen remain submerged in the Styx River.
Symbolic Retribution (Contrapasso) of Circle 6:
The sinners who believed that their souls died with their bodies now have their living soul sealed in a fiery tomb.

On judgement day, the tombs will be covered by the lids forever. The heretics are in the tombs which are surrounded inside and around by fire.
Circle 5: Wrathful and the Sullen
The Basics of Circle 5: The Styx
Who is the sinners?
The sinners consist of the wrathful and the sullen. The people who expressed their anger, and the sinners who repressed their anger.

who are the famous sinners here?
One of the famous sinners here is Filippo Argenti. He was very wealthy and had a short temper. He became Dante's enemy because his brother took some of Dante's property after Dante was exiled from Florence
Dante's Inferno Circle 5 and 6:
Circle 6: City of Dis
Basics of circle 6: City of Dis
Who were the sinners?

The sinners here are the heretics. Their sin is that they deny God's existence and do not believe in eternal life

Who are the famous sinners?

The famous sinners here are Farinata Uberti and Calcalante de' Cavalcanti. Uberti was branded a heretic after he and his dad claimed that they disbelieved in the resurrection of Christ. Calvalcanti and his family had heretic views also.
Phlrygas is the ferryman along the Styx river. He was the son of mars and burned down Apollo's temple out of rage because Apollo raped his daughter.
One famous guardian of circle 5 is Phlrygas.

The terrain of the inferno is very rugged and dark.
"there is an enormous plain... where sephulchers make all the ground appear uneven, with some lower and some higher." Canto IX lines 76 and 79

"There were marshes and fumes rising from them like smoke and unlevel ground with a river that had "foul waves" canto VIII line 11 and a "boiling spring that spilled into a ditch it had cut through" canto VIII lines 100-102

"The inferno was hot too, walking in the beings in the level were "surrounded as they were scattered fire." canto IX line 118
The three furies are the monsters that you will face in this part of the inferno. "who in shape and mein resembles women but they were blood-smeared and gridled with hydras of the deepest green. They had horned vipers and small snakes for hair, round their fierce temples" Canto IX lines 36-42
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