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Affordable Care Act

No description

Mark Huson

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Affordable Care Act

Reform will make it so young adults have much more control over their health care policy.
A. By substancially lowering the cost of health care 1) Reform will provide tax credits to young adults making less then $43,000 per year a) This is in an effort to make sure that all young Americans can afford to be insured under the proposed health care exchanges which will be fully implemented by the year 2014 2) Reform will allow states to require justification from insurance companies for any proposed increase in premiums or rates. Those insurance agencies with excessive rates can be excluded by the states from the new health care exchange programs. 3) Will allow for the regulation of non-medical costs of the insurance agencies such as salaries and marketing. If these costs are too high, customers will be eligible for rebates B. Policies will make plans that will save young adults money 1) Reform has already banned all lifetime monetary limits for the amount of coverage of people who are diagnosed with a serious illness. 2) Also, it has made it illegal to drop someone from a policy if they are diagnosed with a serious illness. 3) The new policies will put a cap on the amount of money that policy owners will have to pay out of pocket. a. This means that there will be a maximum amount that they are able to charge for deductables and co-pay. 4) Also reform will make it illegal for insurance companies to charge women more for coverage then men. Bias will no longer exist. C. More preventative care will be offered in a effort to promote better overall health 1) Government is currently requiring an increase in the amount and quality of preventative care in all health care plans. a. This includes annual home visits from health care professionals for seniors to do health check-ups b. These required services will be complementary and health care providers will
not be able to charge users a deductable or co-pay 2) Preventative care will be offered so that citizens will be more healthy altogether and will make less hospital and doctor visits. This will in turn save money. Reform will also create more choices that are tailored to young adults A. Young adults will be able to stay on their parents insurance for longer 1) Young Americans will now be able to stay on their parents insurance until age 26 if allowed by their parents. a. At this point this only applies to young adults who are not offered health care through their employer. b. By 2014, Americans under the age of 26 will be able to chose to stay on their parents insurance plan or to be covered by their employer. B. Reform will provide competition between providers and cheaper plans for young adults 1) Reform makes health care state run and provides multiple choice for young adults to choose from at very affordable rates. 2) Policies will be provided in a centralized location for people to shop around. People will be able
to compare coverage and rates to figure out which policy is best for them. 3) In the near future, buying health insurance will be a "One stop" shopping process. C. Reform will guarantee that young American always have a quality insurance plan. 1) No matter if the person moves, changes jobs, or even loses there job, they will have the coverage that is essential for their needs. D. The new health care bill will end discrimination from insurance companies 1) Currently, the bill does not allow citizens under 19 to be denied service for a pre-existing condition. 2) In the future, everyone will be treated this way to make sure that no one has a disease that they cannot pay to treat. 3) The bill will also not allow insurance companies to charge more simply based on a person's age and will place a maximum on how much conpanies can charge someone who is sick. E. The Act will also make health insurance available to people of all incomes 1) The upper and middle class will still recieve top quality coverage 2) The lower class will be eligible for relief to pay for quality health in the form of government subsidies in an effort to make sure that all receive the care they need. AFFORDABLE CARE ACT What does it mean for young adults? How will reform make this possible? What else does it do?
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