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DBS Roadmap, October 2013

DBS Product Roadmap: Process and Overview

Robin Vaughan

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of DBS Roadmap, October 2013

TransAction+ Central Services and Payments
Roadmap candidates come from customers, market changes, competitive solutions and technical health
Gather Candidates
DBS Product Roadmap
Candidate Selection
Committed Projects (customer funded), Planned Investments and Required Compliance/Certifications
Make it real
Relatively short development cycles mean new features released multiple times per year
Scope and Revenue
What gets added depends on the scope and the (anticipated) reaction of our customers.
DBS is a nimble software company - you influence our Roadmap.
Provide more tools and capabilities to interact with and influence your customers.
To thrive and grow in today's complex business environment you need a
T+ Payments
find new
Support for upcoming changes in the ever evolving & complex payments landscape
EMV Certifications
Two Processors : FDMS, Vantiv
Two Devices: VeriFone, Ingenico
Updated Standards
T+ Version 8
Central Services: Customer
Tighter Integration
Bounce Back Serialized Coupons
e-Receipt Bounce Backs
Open Up the APIs
Expand beyond Coupons & Customer
Continued Scalability & Performance Improvements
Central Services: Internal
Improved Metrics
Campaign Results
Expanded Service Desk
Coupons & e-Receipts
Exception Authorizations
Service Desk & Remote Approvals
Central Services: IT
More Training
T+ Payments Best Practices
Enhance Monitoring
Take advantage of EPS Changes
Improve Documentation
Central Services APIs and EPS
Continue to focus on the Store
Point of Sale, including mobility.
Help retailers leverage their existing investments in technology.
Fill the gaps between all of the "off-the-shelf" store and enterprise solutions.
Point of Sale
Channel Integration
Expose JavaScript APIs
Mobile POS
Closer POS Integration on 2.3
Payments integration with DBS EFT
iPad and iTouch Versions
Move toward "dockable" POS
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