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the introduction of movement.

No description

Stacey Martin

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of the introduction of movement.

the introduction of movement
women's sportswear in the 1930's and 40's and its' impact on body image.
skirts shorten
loss of restrictive underwear
"natural body"
Elizabeth B. Hurlock, 1929
"Foreign visitors are astonished by
this American uniformity... the truth is,
the American man or woman is a product
of a nation which boasts of standardization."
cultural shift towards more dynamic
ideals of feminity.
sense of movement
varied, active lives.
Vogue: June 1, 1936
Anton Bruehl:
repeated use of similar model "types"
homogeneous image of femininity.
"fit" models
exercise regimes
"Battle Creek Health Builder"
"body image"
"the picture of the human body which we
form in our mind, that is to say the way in
which the body appears to ourselves... There
is a self-appearance of the body."
Paul Schilder
fashion shows
customers visualize selves in motion
fashion magazines
advertisements for "beauty" enhancers
information about dancers displayed
how customers' body can be the same
"The Women", 1939
"Conceptualized a body primed for modern
living which spoke of individual and national
identity formulated within the framework of
contemporary social norms. Movement and
expression were central to this construction."
speaking of Martha Graham, dancer
claire mccardell.
mildred orrick.
as opposed to Vionnet, middle-class women could purchase this sportswear.
marketing strategies
more common
movement, freedom
body image
beauty enhancers

"The American Look: Sportswear, Fashion and the Image of Women in New York in the 1930's and 40's". [Rebecca Arnold]

"Physical Culture this Fall". Harper's Bazaar, November, 1929.

"When the Girls Came Out to Play: Birth of American Sportswear." [Patricia Campbell Warner]

Vogue, June, 1939
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