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Elizabeth Blackwell

No description

Brianna Shelby

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell
Day of Birth
Elizabeth Blackwell was born on February 3, 1821 near Bristol, England. Her wealthy parents were Samuel and Hannah Blackwell. The Blackwell family were religious Quakers. Elizabeth was the third of nine total children, which all received a good education.
After moving to New York in 1832 because of financial issues, the Blackwell family decided to move to Cincinnati. In Cincinnati, Samuel died, leaving the family with no financial resources. In the same year, Elizabeth decided she wanted to work in the medical field. So, she moved to Kentucky to get a teaching job to pay for medical school.
Medical Degree
After many failed attempts of a school accepting her application, she finally found one. Geneva College in New York allowed her to study medicine. On January 11, 1849, she became the first woman in the United States to earn her medical degree; she graduated at the top of her class.
Women's Medical College
Because Elizabeth was a nurse for soldiers fighting in the Civil War, she was able to acquire a good reputation and was able to establish the Women's Medical College to train women that wanted to be physicians or doctors.
Elizabeth became a professor of Gynecology at the London School of Medicine for Women from 1875 to 1907.
Death Date
On May 31, 1910, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell died at her home in the South coast of England. She died at age 86 and her cause of death was a stroke.
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