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Rob Ort

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Advertising

Ken Stahl, Ashton Burke, Rob Ort
Why Does Advertising Work?
- The ads instill positive memories and feelings that influence our behavior encouraging us to buy their products over time.
Explain how products will improve consumer's lives
Make the product seem exclusive
Show attention to detail by highlighting flaws and quality control
Subliminal Advertising
Some Psychologists Involved with Advertising
John B. Watson
- Appeal to love, fear, and rage
The main goal of advertising is to persuade customers to buy a product

Methods of persuasion:

Advertising Strategies
Harlow Gale
- How people processed ads
Walter Dill Scott
The Theory and Practice of advertising
Harry Hollingworth
- Effective Advertising
Why You Remember Ads
Advertisers use your personal identity to make you remember ads
Companies structure ads so that their target audience will identify with the ad
Ads that go against your personal identity are unlikely to be remembered later
A message designed to pass below the normal limits of perception
-Catchy phrases or statements used to help sell a product.

-Ever had that little jingle stuck in your head?

- They work because that are memorable

-I'm Lovin' it

-Save money. Live better

-Just do it

-Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there

-15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance
"Hidden" messages in movies and shows
Flash across the screen
Persuasion using Trust
- Many ads include a trustworthy authority figure
- Expert opinions
- Celebrity endorsements of a product
Persuasion using Logic
Persuasion using Emotion
- Logical persuasion is using facts and statistics
- Not usually very effective when used alone
- To be effective, logical persuasion is usually combined with persuasion using trust and emotion
- Also effective when combined with humor
- Emotional persuasion associates feelings with a product
- Emotional persuasion is still effective when viewers are not paying attention
Peripheral Route
- Slogans

- Color

- People
- Porsche ads are good examples of ads using emotional persuasion
- They try to instil feelings of fun, exhilaration, and excitement
Humor in Advertising
- Advertisers use people in there advertisements that we are attracted to or people that we want to be like.
- Color impression can
account for to as much
as 70% of consumer
Many of the most memorable ads are those that are funny
The key is to assure the humor is appropriate to the product and the consumer
Humor improves brand recognition
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