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Footprints to Freedom Tour, 2018

No description

M. Gabe

on 4 April 2018

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Transcript of Footprints to Freedom Tour, 2018

Footprints to Freedom Tour: 2018

Packing... for real.
ONE carry on suitcase or duffel (with ID Tag)
clothes for 3 nights/ 4 days
good walking shoes, socks
cell phone, other electronics …but if you lose it, we’re not going back!
DVDs - Content relevant to our trip
glasses, contacts, solution, sunscreen, DEODORANT! Etc
small-bottle liquids that pass TSA restrictions
hat, sunglasses
bathing suit (optional)
your awesome EF backpack and items (more on this next)

Cell Phone Policy

1. Helps increase safety for all students when not distracted by phone
2. Helps us be "present"
3. Ensures respect for people and places we encounter

Students who do not adhere to these rules…
will be given one warning per day
after warning, chaperones will take the cell phone for remainder of the day
phone will be returned at night upon arrival at the hotel.

Please note chaperones will always have cell phones with them at all times and can be reached by guardians should there ever be an emergency.

Rooming Arrangements
Go to bed whenever you want; BUT wake up times don’t change!

Curfew will be given. You’re in your own room at that time: NO EXCEPTIONS!

Night security provided at all times

Understand that we are guests and also share the space with other people...

That's all folks!
Michele Gabrielson: 203-556-7281
Altoria Coffey: 508-904-9551
Cynthia Russell: 617-571-9830

Objectives for the Trip
Keep positive attitudes

To experience an epic journey together

To learn something!

To “make new friends and keep the old”

To be inspired to act out against injustices we see in the world

Overall Expectations for Behavior
Listen to directions... safety is our #1 priority!

Be on time ALL the time. (Wake up time is SACRED and curfew is curfew!

Respect guides, drivers, chaperones, self and others

When touring….electronics OFF and AWAY

Be present. Be inclusive.

To be considerate of others and represent WMS in a positive way

(Did we mention NO CHECKED LUGGAGE?)
YOU are responsible for carrying YOUR luggage at the airport, hotels and to/from buses, so it’s important you can carry it comfortably!


Our EF backpacks can be used as daypacks during the trip to carry everything you need for the day and can be kept safe on the bus.
- camera
- water bottle
- snacks/ EPIPEN/ medicines
- money (suggested $50-100)
- sunscreen/ bugspray
- rain jacket/sweatshirt
- your Civil Rights Trip Journal & pen
- EF lanyard

All TRAVEL meal vouchers included in the trip

FYI: The first provided meal will be LUNCH on the 17th … we’d suggest bringing $$ to get a bagel/etc at the airport! It’s early, we know.

The last provided meal will be LUNCH on the 20th … again some $$ for dinner at the airport.

Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Religion/ Allergies… let us know!

All other snacks are on you! Bring $$ if you want.

Meet at Logan near the American Airlines counter
Terminal B
BE AT LOGAN NO LATER THAN 3:30 AM. (get yourself to the airport).

Before you leave, did you...
Check in?
Check to see if cell phone #’s are correct?
Turn in the pool form? (optional)
Turn in cell phone policy form?
Check in regarding correct
medical/dietary information?

Night 1:
Holiday Inn Express
156 Resource Ctr Pkwy
Birmingham, AL

Night 2:
Drury Inn & Suites
1124 Eastern Blvd
Montgomery, AL

Night 3:
Comfort Inn
2800 Highlands Pkwy SE
Smyrna, GA

Things we need from you...
Dietary / Allergies/ Medical/ Religious needs

Medicines need to go to Mrs. Gabrielson (day-of)
Need written confirmation to self-administer


Students cell phone # (make sure your # is correct)

Check up on us… Our BLOG!

Expectations, Packing Advice & General Info
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