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The McKenna Les Mis Project: Part 2

No description

Alyssa Comey

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of The McKenna Les Mis Project: Part 2

Part 2:
Shipping Les Miserables Ships Marius and Cosette a heeaarrt full of love!!1! so yeah the 'lead ship' of the fandom
you basically either ship it or rlly hate it
((but how could you hate it they just sing and be cute aw))
if u listen rlly closely u can hear eponine crying
they're pretty cute tho not gonna lie
also they're the only people who live sooo Enjolras and Grantaire do u permit it?!1? “Grantaire admired, loved, and venerated Enjolras.” —actual quote from actual book omg
every fandom has a ship that isn't really real but still is pretty real, this is that ship.
so ya grantaire's pretty much in love with enjolras, but enjolras is too busy being in love with france
it's like the harry/louis of les mis except not as psycho and creepy tbh
george blagden totally ships it.
"Be serious." "I am wild." *everyone starts crying* Eponine and Enjolras there is no quote for this bc it isn't real look a video right well i don't rlly know where this ship came from tbh but i think i ship it
basically i think it's bc samantha barks and aaron tveit r hot so people ship them
there's a lot of fanfiction where she seems to get over marius like really fast idk
i think it has to do with the fact that when she died he and combeferre carried her off but ya
bc apparently there's this thing where grantaire is in love with enjolras but he loves eponine but she loves marius but he loves cosette... it's like the movie She's The Man basically
a lot of people hate this ship idk i like it tbh Valjean and Javert your face is not a face i would forget??/? apparently this is a ship and it confuses me so i'm not going into detail
i guess people find it romantic how obsessed javert is with valjean i don't understand??
they try to kill each other all the time like why would you ship it
oh well
here it is
and it's called valvert
otp: bread and stars The Barricade Boys bc everyone ships them with each other there's a lot of ships here but i just categorize them all together so here it is
pretty sure grantaire/enjolras is the most popular
jehan/courfeyrac's pretty popular too
joly and bossuet share a girlfriend so i can see there being something there
there's also jehan/feuilly, joly/jehan, enjolras/combeferre, wow why did i start a list there's so many bye o look these guys again idk hugh and alistair r just cute killian and george r adorable aw Marius, Eponine, and the Barricade Boys lots and lots of ships, ships everywhere. it's like we're in the sea... of ships. alrighty well everyone likes to ship marius and eponine with all the barricade boys i guess ((exhibit a~ eponine and enjolras))
srsly i've seen eponine/grantaire, eponine/courfeyrac, eponine/combeferre (aKA MY OTP O K)
and yeah idk marius just gets shipped with everyone bc people count him as a barricade boy. Marius and Enjolras why is this a ship revolutionary best friends aw
idk they're both hot people fighting for revolution together so naturally someone had to go and make it a ship
i think aaron and eddie ship it or something
i don't think george blagden approves
i don't approve
marius sings about enjolras and all his friends dying tru chemistry aw Eponine and Marius but he neva saw me theerreee!!1! the song on this video is rlly good omg i love coldplay woo you saw this ship coming
i think is just obvious so idk there's rlly not much to say about it
well i mean come on she freaking loved him just so much and she died for him and she went to the barricade to protect him omg
maybe she was a little crazy since she didn't even care that she was dying bc he was there but still it's cute Montparnasse and Eponine go home 'ponine you're in the way!!1! so ya he's this creepy murderer guy who works for thenardier but apparently he loves eponine or something aw cute
tbh i kind of ship this
douglas booth should have played montparnasse
look at douglas booth >
he's pretty cute
i mean rlly cute
and he's got that whole charming and evil thing going on oh yes

< this isn't douglas booth Eponine and Cosette we were children together, looK WHATS BECOME OF MEEE headcanon: cosette and eponine forgot marius and ran away together to be lesbians bc the les mis fandom was missing a lesbian ship ((even tho it has like 5000 gay ships))
alrighty let's ignore the fact their kind of adoptive siblings in a way idk
and that they're both in love with marius um
let's just ignore everything
no like tbh i kind of like this ship but it makes absolutely no sense
it makes less sense than eponine and enjolras
but whateva i don't hate on ships
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