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Weapons of the Vietnam War

Weapons Used During The Vietnam War

juandog bigpimpin

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Weapons of the Vietnam War

Weapons Of Vietnam Aircrafts Bell UH-1 Hellicopter B-52 Stratofortress F-4 Phantom Fighter Tanks Guns The Bell Uh-1 Hellicopter also known as the "Huey" was a aircraft that was used during the Vietnam War. It was well know because its blades could break the speed of sound, creating a small sonic boom. Its main purpose was to transport troops and a medevac. It was later armed and was an assault helicopter The F-4 Phantom Fighter was the first Navy fleet to defend without guns. It relyed entirely on its missiles. The B-52 Stratofortress is a long range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. M48 Tank M48 was the most common tank during the Vietnam War. It was diesel powered carried a 90 mm turrent mounted gun, capable of firing in any direction. M113 Armored personnel Carrier The M113 Armored Personnel Carrierwas used to transport.It had 12-38 mm of armor. It also had a 50 caliber machine gun. M-60 Machine Gun The M-60 Machine Gun it has a rate of fire of 200 rpm or 550 rpm max. It needed a tripod. M-203 Grenade Launcher The M-203 Grenade Launcher this weapon had a maximum range of 400 meters and a casualty radius of 5 meters M16 Rifle The M16 Rifle was the most commonly used rifle in the Vietnam War. This rifle had an effective range of 300 meters and a rate fire of 60 rpm. Chemical Weapons Napalm Cobra Attack Helicopter By BIG PIMPIN JDOG + gabriel The AH-1 or the Cobra attack Helicopter was a high performance helicopter in Vietnam. Below the nose of the AH-1 there was a 7.62 mm mini gun on the sides it had pods that carried rockets to gatling guns
Napalm is a gel gasoline that sticks. Napalm caused people first degree burns , very rapid loss of blood preassure unconsciousness , and death in a short time. Napalm also made it very hard to breath around.
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