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IBP Strategic Plan & Comprehensive Internationalization

No description

Cornell Menking

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of IBP Strategic Plan & Comprehensive Internationalization

Student & Scholar Services


Promotion of Chinese Language & Culture
9 teachers in 8 schools throughout NM & El Paso region - 1,200 people reached.
Additional 500 reached through free cultural programming

Comprehensive Internationalization

Study, Internship, Research & Service (Aggies Go Global) Abroad
88 student exchange agreements 18 countries.
283 other via consortium memberships.
Center for English Language Programs (CELP)
Intensive English Language Program
Customized Programs
Visa Support Services
Recruiting & Retention
International Festival
Public Cultural Events
Internships with LCPS & businesses
Support other initiatives (J P Taylor, LC Sister Cities, Rotary Picnic, etc.)

of the Curriculum
& Research
Extracurricular Activities
Faculty Support & Awards
International Studies Certificate
Faculty Involvement in Pathway Programs
Global Coffee Hour
Thursday Global Meet-Up
Salsa classes
Work with departments

Everything is on the web -

Sustainable Financial Model
that supports Comprehensive Internationalization
What We Do
Interdepartmental & interdisciplinary
Strategic plan & progress
Advisory Council
IBP = 4 Offices
Office of
Office of
Over $150,000 reinvested to-date
IBP ...

Discovering the world
and transforming lives!
& Networks
Institutional Collaborations
Governmental partnerships & contracts
Dual degree programs
Mexico & border initiatives
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