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Marketing Plan- Samsung Galaxy S5

No description

Yui Tlg

on 23 December 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Plan- Samsung Galaxy S5

Goals & Objectives
Marketing Plan- Samsung Galaxy S5
Group members
Morgan Bowen

Yui Wang

XiaoXia Du

WenYing Lu
The third largest manufacturer in the world.
Samsung electronics-world's largest information technology company.
Galaxy smartphone series was first launched in 2009.
Galaxy S3 sold 30 million in first 3 months.
Galaxy S4 sold 30 million units 4 months after its release .
Competitors Review

LG Electronics -G3
Apple -iPhone 5s
Sony -Xperia Z2
Pantech-Vega Iron2
Google (LG)-Nexus 5
LG- G2, G Flex
Samsung - Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note

Marketing Goals and Objectives
Goal 1:
To drive sales to support its vast manufacturing capacity.
Objective 1:
To sell 70,000 S5s in a week, and 300,000 in a month in Korea;
Objective 2:
To increase the Samsung's mobile market share from 60% to 70% in Korea.
Target Market

Primary Demographic: 20-40 year olds

Secondary Demographic: 50-65 year olds
75-15-10 rule
Budget: $50,000,000
Marketing Goals and Objectives
Goal 2:
To avoid ceding high margin sales to LG and Apple.
Objective 1:
To guarantee $ 50 million for the marketing of the Galaxy S5 in South Korea( $1 billion ads and marketing budget for Galaxy S5 globally);
Objective 2:
To achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction in South Korea.
Objective 3:
To meet the needs of the customers.
Product Details
Samsung Galaxy S5 Features :
Extending battery life
Water resistant Design
Fingerprint reader
Heart Rate Monitor
An excellent camera experience

Pricing Strategy
SKt : 406720KRW-596800KRW
KT : Around 596800KRW
LG U+: Around 596700KRW
Advertising Methods
Traditional Media
-Product Placement Budget
(Drama Insert Commercial)
Used : 25%
-TV Commercial Budget Used: 30%
(TV channels and online media player)
-Radio Budget Used: 2%
-Paper Media Budget Used: 4%
-Out of home Budget Used: 14%
(billboards, subway advertising, bus shelters)
Sales Promotion (IMC activities)
2014 FIFA World Cup BRASIL
Galaxy team
Samsung Galaxy S5 go for FIFA
Samsung Galaxy Studio
Budget Used: 6%

Unique Applications Support
Specific useful application
Long-term subscriptions and premium services.
(Dropbox Extra Data Service, In-health Apps insert)
Budget Used : 9%
Public Relations
Advocacy Event Sponsorship
Not direct event-sponsorship
(corporate with decent sports brand such as New balance or Nike)
Health challenge:Nike-Galaxy S5
(Marathon Challenge)

Budget used: 6%
Internet / Interactive:
Social Media: Official appearances on social Apps (Facebook, instagram)

Budget used: 3.5%

Homepage: emphasize the unique character and provide the possibility of experiencing

Budget used:0.5%
Product Strategy


Fit the lifestyle
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