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No description

Nikesha Boswell

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of CARTOONS

everone like cartoons but people like different cartoons some cartons are popular because they have that thing that every wants cartoons like adventure time
sponge bob was made by Nickelodeon
adventure time is showed on cartoon network
fast fact
toons for me toons for you
there are many different cartoons like spongebob square pants,fairy odd parents, the penguins of Madagascar and T.U.F.F puppy kids love cartoons because their funny
the thing that cartoons great is that their funny,inclusive,and they make kids happy.cartoons also have set age like dora for 5 and under ,phinese and ferb 6 and over and adventure time 9 and up
what make cartoons so great
pix of popular cartoons
popular cartoons
more pics
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