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on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Michigan

By : Lily
Welcome everybody today were going on a road trip all around Michigan. Today your going to discover the awesomeness of Michigan. So, buckle up your seatbelt's

and let's go discover Michigan.

Economic location
Did you know that Detroit, Michigan is the birth place of the automatic industry ? Also, it produces more trucks and cars than any other state in the country. Today, over a million cars and trucks are assembled in Detroit. Michigan is responsible for 22 % of the total cars and trucks production for the U.S.A.
Historic location
In 1754 France and Britain fought in a long war about who would rule America. Finally, when Britain won, France had to give up a lot of their land. When the Britain came to America instantly the Native Americans disliked them. Chief Pontiac was planned with his tribe other tribes to attack the British. Pontiac's tribe captured the fort at Mackinaw City. The Native American rebellion ended when they wore forced to give their land to the British.
Geographic location
Michigan owns many Great Lakes including, Isle Royal National Park. The covers 132,018 acres of land.The National Park is surrounded by 450 small islands. At Isle Royal National Park, you can hike, kayak, canoe and scuba dive.
Political location / government
Michigan's capitol is Lansing. That's where Rick Snyder Michigan's governor lives. At the capitol house in Lansing there are 14 U.S representatives : (9republicans) and (5 democrats). The state population is 9,883,360. Also the state abbreviation is MI.
Choice location
We all know its starting to get hot outside and Christmas is over. But, in Frankenmuth they always celebrate Christmas. Frankenmuth owns Bronner's Christmas Wonderland ( the biggest Christmas store in the world). At Bronner's Christmas Wonderland you can buy stuff like snowglobes, ornments, and the sweet taste of once a year Christmas candy . In this jolly town a large population of people are German. That's where the name Frankenmuth comes from. While your there stop by Zehnder's and get there famous family style chicken dinners.
Fun Facts !
1. The state motto is Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice wich means (If you seek a pleasent peninsula, look about you.)
2.Michigan is the 26 th state.
3. The state nickname is The Wolverine State.
4.The state tree is a White Pine.
5. The state flower is a Apple Blossom.
6. The state fish is a Book Trout.
7.The state gemstone is a Clorastrolite.
8. The state song is "My Michigan."
9. Michigan's NFL team is the Detroit Lions.
10. Michigan's NBA team is the Detroit Pistons.
The plains part of Michigan is very different from the big cities, because down in the plains Michigan grows rich soil. That's perfect for growing corn, cherries and Michigan's famous apples. Also, Michigan's tech industries created a computer software. Did you also know Michigan makes their money by tourists. The tourist come here to visit many lakes, woods, to fish, sail, and hunt.
Here's the auto industry in Detroit.
This is Chief Pontiac.
This is Mackinaw City today.
Here's Isle Royal.
Here's a hiker hiking at Isle Royal
Here's a kayaker kayaking at Isle Royal.
Here's a scuba diver at Isle Royal.
Here's a canoer at Isle Royal.
Here's the capitol building.
Here's Lansing.
Here's Rick Synder.
Here's Frankenmuth.
Here's Zehnders.
Here's Bonner's Christmas Wonderland.
Here's the corn Michigan grows.
Here's some Michigan apples.
Here's some Michigan apples.
In the past Michigan has had a lot of history, so make your mind prepared for all of this history.In 1820 Michigan was only home to 9,000 people. But, by the time of 1890 Michigan had 2.1 million people. Over 70 years Michigan grew 230 times bigger! The other thing I wanted to share with you is the Race Rebellion in 1967. The Race Rebellion was a fight between the African americans and the Americans.The Africans Americans were mad at the Americans because they had no equal rights. This Rebellion lasted a week in Detroit. I hope you have learned a lot about Michigan's history.
Michigan is made up of two large peninsulas. A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by more than two side of water, but still attached to the mainland. The lower peninsula looks like a big mitten, and the upper peninsula is sticks out from Wisconsin. The upper western peninsula is mountainous. The eastern half looks more flat plains like the lower peninsula.
Here's Michigan's peninsula.
4 types of maps
Here's a road map of Michigan.
Here's a political map of Michigan.
Here's an elevation map of Michigan.
Here's a precipitation map of Michigan.
Road trip distance.
Mackinaw City
289 miles
Mackinaw city
Isle Royal
225 miles
Isle Royal
450 miles
The End !!!!!!!
Here's some Michigan corn.
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