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Traditional Hindu Wedding

No description

Siobhan Adams

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Traditional Hindu Wedding

Hindu Weddings Very colorful, and can last for days Traditionally conducted at least partially in Sanskrit
(ancient Indian language) the groom is dressed in a long jacket (sherwani), fitted trousers (churidars), and a turban (sehra) Traditionally, Hindu brides wear orange or red saris as the bridal gown. They sometimes have their hands and feet decorated with henna. The groom arrives riding either a horse or an elephant. The groom is then led to a small stage (mandap) and is greeted by the bride's family During the ceremony, the bride and groom exchange garlands, signifying their acceptance as husband and wife. Man and wife then circle the sacred fire 7 times, making 7 promises to fulfill in married life. The priest ties the ends of the bride's and groom's clothing together into a knot. The knot signifies wedlock. Instead of a wedding cake, the bride and groom feed each other 5 bites of a sweet food, usually a mixture of yogurt and honey 1. pledge that they will provide a prospered living for the household or the family that they would look after and avoid those that might hinder their healthy living.
2. promise that they would develop their physical, mental and spiritual powers in order to lead a lifestyle that would be healthy.
3. the couple promises to earn a living and increase by righteous and proper means, so that their materialistic wealth increases manifold.
4. the couple pledges to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love, respect, understanding and faith.
5. vow to expand their heredity by having children, for whom, they will be responsible. They also pray to be blessed with healthy, honest and brave children.
6. the bride and the groom pray for self-control of the mind, body and soul and longevity of their marital relationship.
7. they promise that they will be true and loyal to each other and will remain companions and best friends for life.
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