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ASIMO- Robot Visual Presentation

Geography Project

Kay Jay

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of ASIMO- Robot Visual Presentation

Most people will: but i think there should be pics along with the words The future of workplaces... What careers or jobs are related to it? - nurse/helper in hospital -supervisor/entertainer - home nurse - tour guide/guide ASIMO! Hello! (A I My name is dvanced S tep in MO nnovative bility) (retirement home, hospital,...) - helper (helping mainly people in wheelchairs/ people that are confined to their bed) How might these robot or robot applications have positive impacts on the workplace? -don't have to pay salary, good for government -we can program it to help us complete a specific task -don't have to take days off -companies get more money for this charge of extra service -jobs can be completed more precisely Asimo (right) helping in the hospital. Asimo (front) is guiding someone in. Asimo is capable of pouring a drink without spilling it Who uses this robot/ robot application? the company, creator of Asimo Japanese hospitals Retirement homes Museums (as a guide) Throughout Japan Companies
(as a greeter of visitors) How might these robot or robot application have a negative impacts on the workplace? What changes will happen in the workplace due to the use of this robot or robot application? - lose their jobs in current workplaces because robots/advancing technology will replace workers - have a job designing/ programming/ constructing robots so that robots are functioned to do certain jobs/tasks Most People Will: Not function properly, go out of control Might be better to work with than people, leading to people getting fired/replaced Robots doing our work, soon we will become very lazy People have to pay for the extra service This is where we're heading... $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Trends: - farming Predictions for Future: - designing/programming age - industrial revolution - technological/information age Photo Gallery ASIMO conducting an orchestra ASIMO helping an elderly man (guiding) Honda is hoping to
mass produce
ASIMOs for the rest of the world ASIMOs carrying out tasks in a workplace ASIMO delivering a tray to people
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