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Strategies, Examples, and Cultural Hybridity

matt cox

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Glocalization

Glocalization Glocalization Background:

Economic Incentives $$$


Technological Developments

are the main driving force behind Globalization (Featherstone, 1995; Robertson, 1990) Tension arises with the onslaught of global products in local markets vs. Solution

"Where the dynamics of the local in the global and the global in the local can be found" (Appadurai, 1990) In order for global products to be successful in foreign markets, they have to be accepted by the local audience

(It should be noted that media play a heavy role in this process) Main Examples:

MTV (Cho & Chung, 2009)
Nike (Kobayashi, 2012)
Pokemon (Servaes & Lie, 2008)
Coca-Cola & McDonalds (Chuang, 2000)
Indian Television (McMillin, 2009)
African Radio (Mudhai, 2008) MTV NIKE COCA-COLA Global Ronald Bollywood Beauty k By Shalom Cox Globalization + Localization = Hybrid Culture Glocalization :
A positive approach to the merging of cultures. THE

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